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Travel in the Time of Coronavirus

The whole world has somewhat come to standstill at this moment due to the COVID-19 virus; everyone is affected but probably the most affected are all types of travelers such as globetrotters, adventure travelers, frequent flyers, holidaymakers, pilgrims etc. So we’ve come up with this post which not only enlightensRead More …

Things you Should Never, Ever do in Malaysia


Flying to an exotic city is overwhelming with ideas like what to do, where to stay, what to explore and what not to do. A little research beforehand and equipping oneself with the local culture can avoid an embarrassing and problematic situation. Staying on the track, this is the articleRead More …

14 Fascinating Facts on Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers are the iconic landmark of Kuala Lumpur city and Malaysia. In fact, no visitor would miss visiting the Petronas Twin Towers if they are in Kuala Lumpur. The famous buildings have been dominating the city skyline of Kuala Lumpur since 1998. Here are a few interestingRead More …

10 Best Things to do in Ipoh, Malaysia

heritage buildings of Ipoh

A typical Malaysian holiday starts at Kuala Lumpur and takes you to the most popular places like Georgetown, Penang and Genting Highlands. However, not many people know that Malaysia is more than just these popular locations. In fact, you would be surprised to find several interesting attractions in the capitalRead More …

5 Things to do on Redang Island

Redang Island Beach

Malaysia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. Be it the vibrant cities, the natural landscapes, the lush forests, the pristine beaches, the delicious cuisine or the interesting culture, Malaysia offers a lot of things. However, if you are not interested in having a holiday inRead More …

8 Best Places to Visit in Sabah

Mount Kinabalu

Want to discover a true gem of Borneo? Head towards the engaging yet undiscovered state, Sabah and find what awe-inspiring places you can’t miss. If you want to see most of the elements of Borneo in a shorter span, Sabah is the Malaysian state you should spend time at. ThisRead More …

Best islands to visit in Malaysia

Best island to visit in malaysia

All set for an island getaway? Pack your swimsuits, don your beach hat and hit these amazing islands in Malaysia- many with vibrant resorts, few with diving spots and a handful of them still hidden to locals. Malaysia is a country with sprawling beaches, rich cultures and glitzy architecture. ItRead More …

How Expensive is Malaysia

Trip To malaysia

Malaysia is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia. The largely developed tech industries and tourism are the main reasons for its prosperity. The tourism in Malaysia is more affordable as compared to the neighboring countries. Plan a tour to Malaysia and explore the best busy streets, amazing teaRead More …

Adventure Hiking Trip in Malaysia!

Broga Hill

  Malaysia is rife with exciting hiking trails, each dotted with fabulous views and amazing scenery. Get out of the cities and you’re in the realm of mesmerizing peak views and luscious plant life and exciting wildlife.

Visiting Johor Bahru: Top Things to do in Johor Bahru

A few years ago, Johor Bahru was not considered to be an important tourist location in Malaysia. However, this is because not many people know much about the capital city of Johor.

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