Choose Malaysia for an Exhilarating Christmas Vacation this Year

Christmas is the time for celebration, fun, and frolic. For a lot of people who seek wanderlust, Christmas is also the time for travelling. The contemporary life’s hectic schedule don’t leave us with many holidays, but Christmas does offer a window of quickly sneaking out of the country and into the place of your dreams.

Malaysia may not be exactly the place you would associate with Christmas, but you have to be there to take in the moment in its full glory and beauty. From the decorated streets of Kuala Lumpur to midnight celebrations at Esplanade, Malaysia is all set to welcome you with open arms this Christmas!

There are a host of attractions in Malaysia for people looking to have a good time during Christmas. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Malaysia this Christmas. Be sure to check out Malaysia visit visa requirements to be in the know of the travel requirements.

1.Spending Christmas at Penang


For many foreign tourists, Penang remains the best places to visit Malaysia in the month of December. The weather in Penang is to the liking of most foreigners and the place offers a comfortable stay. Penang is among the most visited islands not only in Malaysia, but also in Asia, and during Christmas, the place adorns a festive look. From the famous George Town to Penang National Park, you will have a lot to look forward to if you decide to spend Christmas at Penang.

The best part about spending Christmas in Penang is its food – yes, if you don’t already know it, Penang’s street food is famous all over the world, and during Christmas, it becomes all the more interesting. The streets are decorated and there is a vibe in the air that’s hard to miss. If you have decided to visit Malaysia this Christmas, don’t miss visiting Penang.

2.Portuguese Settlement in Melaka

Portuguese Settlement in Melaka During Christmas

Visiting the Portuguese village, also known as Portuguese Square, is an experience in itself anytime of the year, but with all the Christmas festivities, it becomes truly unique. When visiting Malaysia during Christmas, visit the Portuguese settlement in Melaka for its awesome seafood and nightlife. After the sunset, the place acquires a party-like atmosphere and during Christmas holidays, all the locals and foreigners throng the food outlets and bars till wee hours.

3.Visiting the Catholic Cathedral of Saint John

Catholic Cathedral of Saint John

The Catholic Cathedral of Saint John can be the perfect start to your Malaysia Christmas trip. Thousands of people join the midnight choir, setting in a festive and spiritual spirit. To compensate for lack of limited seats inside the cathedral, big, displays are set up and the whole place just comes to life during midnight.

4.Shop till you Drop in Kuala Lumpur!

Christmas in Kuala Lumpur Mall

You may have often heard that you won’t get a white Christmas when you are in Malaysia, but with faux snow falling from almost every mall of Kuala Lumpur during Christmas. For most Malaysians, irrespective of religion and race, Christmas is an occasion of heading out to city centers to find some great deals. Malls and shops try their level best to outdo each other with some ingenious Christmas ideas, all to the benefit of the tourists! So, if you are going to spend your Christmas vacation in Malaysia, visiting the numerous malls of Kuala Lumpur can be a great treat.

5.Tasting Traditional Malaysian Meals

Traditional Malaysian Meals During Christmas

Every restaurant and hotel in Malaysia lays out the best of their festive cuisines during the Christmas festive season. The menus are elaborate and varied, ensuring you don’t miss the flavor of a Christmas away from home. The traditional Turkeys are also available for take-away, but it is recommended you get in touch with a nearby hotel or restaurant one day in advance so that you don’t miss out because of high demand.

6.Chilling it Out!

Last, but not the least, a trip to Malaysia during Christmas also gives you the opportunity of braving the chills and heading out to some popular ice skating destinations. The Klang Valley is known for its good ice skating facilities, with Sunway Pyramid and e@Curve among the popular spots. There are ice skating opportunities in Penang as well, where SnowLand Megamall Penang is a hit among tourists.

Visiting Malaysia during Christmas is a great plan to begin with and to ensure you make the most of your vacation, check out the right places to be at during the festive season. There are numerous places to visit in Malaysia during Christmas, and you can enjoy a good time with your family and friends.

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