8 Malaysia Islands to Visit in 2023 for Peaceful Vacation

All set for an island getaway? Pack your swimsuits, don your beach hat and hit these amazing islands in Malaysia- many with vibrant resorts, few with diving spots and a handful of them still hidden to locals.

Malaysia is a country with sprawling beaches, rich cultures and glitzy architecture. It is a staple honeymoon or holiday destination because of its untouched beauty, luxurious staycations, gastronomical delights and a humungous number of islands.

How many islands are there in Malaysia?

Boasting 2905 miles of coastline, Malaysia holds many exotic islands in its boundaries. The exact number rounds up to 878.

They are flushing with turquoise water, tropical rainforests, palm-fringed beaches and admirable climate. Also, the numerous amount of entertainment options and water sports keep you happily engrossed for the vacation and spend a pleasant time with family and friends.

Islands are synonymous to beaches and bays, cliffs and caves, ruins and reefs.

Whatever your idea of paradise is, these 8 top islands in Malaysia will deliver more than expected-

1.Langkawi: The one for luxury

eagle square in langkawi

It is not an island, it is an archipelago- a group of 100 islands, that too duty-free. Many remain uninhabited but few of them are opened to tourists. And these are the best-equipped islands- also easily reachable as it is linked with International airports. Not just that, it exhibits some fantastic beaches, mountains, rainforest, and mangrove wetlands.

Best features-

  • Get onto the cable car ride to explore the bird-eye view of the place.
  • Go island hopping on the most densely populated Pulau Langkawi, or get yourself a motorbike.
  • Drop off at picturesque Pantai Cenang for memorable nightlife and bewildering beachfront bars.
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge, Dataran Lang, Underwater World are few iconic landmarks.
  • With great accommodations and places to eat, the trip is perfectly made.

2.Tioman: The adventurers’  loved

Tioman island in malaysia

One of this biggest and dreamy island-Tioman is a beautiful destination for someone who seeks to dive and go deep into the ocean. Located in the South China Sea and surrounded by a vast bed of coral reefs, this is an enchanting blend of culture, adventure and wilderness.

Best features-

  • You can participate in blissful scuba diving and snorkelling at the Tioman Dive Centre.
  • There are spots to go adrenaline pumping with jungle trekking.
  • Visit the ecological park of Taman Laut Tioman.
  • Cover the highest peak on the island, Gunung Raya.


3.Penang: Its about food and heritage

Penang island in malaysia

Referred as the Pearl of the Orient, it is one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia’s islands. On Malaysia’s efficient transport system of buses, you can reach this fascinating and touristic location in George Town. The lively capital is itself a king hub of culinary and cultural diversity.

Best features-

  • Rising 821 metres above the sea, Penang Hill captures the best image of the island.
  • You can shop till you drop at the multiple branded malls.
  • Bow down at the largest Buddhist temple complex in Southeast Asia, Kek Lok Si Temple.
  • Explore the Penang National Park.


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4.Pangkor: The island that is beach-beautiful

Pangkor island in malaysia

Now, this is something all the beach bums would hail for. It is something quieter than tourist hotspots. Remarkable in its looks, this ultimate appealing island has some of the prettiest beaches. You will be startled by an impressive combination of fishing villages, lavish resorts and dense jungle, which offers a peaceful place to unwind and relish the nature. You get up close to the local culture and cuisine.

Best features-

  • Sunbaking is the best pastime for visitors on the beach.
  • Let your hair down on the banana boat ride around the Bogak beach and Nipah beach.
  • Check out the jungle trails at Teluk Segadas Hill and Titi Ganung.
  • Explore the beauty of the wilderness at great vantage points.
  • Relax and rejuvenate at Pangkor Laut.

5.Perhentian: The ultimate escape from luxury to backpacker

Perhentian island in malaysia

With two main islands of Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil,  Perhentian is the Maldives of Malaysia. The former one is famous for luxury villas, resorts and tempts the richer visitors while the later is more of casual tourism, rustic accommodation and breezy services and makes it one of the cheapest islands in Malaysia. Touched by the gorgeous tropical essence, this is an island with almost no roads.

Best features-

  • Discover the island alone by kayaking.
  • In the crystal clear water and magnificent marine life, enjoy the adventure of snorkelling and scuba diving.
  • Covered with tropical rainforest, here you can devour into great jungle trekking experience.

6.Sipadan: A legend island of divers

Sipadan island in malaysia

Named as the real diving destination, Sipadan has a treasure of majestic marine animals flowing around you. From exotic fish & hammerhead sharks to sea turtles, you’ll be entranced by the entire ecosystem and foreign species. You do not have an established accommodation as the resorts have been shut down in 2004 for the protection of the fragile marine life.

Best features-

  • Tour the island via Sipadan Liveaboard.
  • Indulge in the best scuba diving and snorkelling which is enchanting as well as life-changing experience.

7.Redang: An island with interesting marine life

Redang island in malaysia

Location- East coast of Malaysia

What was once a hidden island in Malaysia, is now famous after being pictured in ‘Summer Holiday’ for its world-class resorts, perfect snorkelling and exotic species. A perfect holiday destination, Redang is brimming with nicest marine family. The coral reefs are flourishing with baby sharks, jellyfish and so much more and the beaches are looking magical with fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

Best features-

  • It is popular for diving and snorkelling.
  • You can swim by the inspiring range of fishes, sharks and turtles you would have never seen in your life.

8.Tenggol: All about tranquillity

Tenggol island malaysia

If you are searching for an island that is an escape from the crowd, an idea of peace and a space of relaxation, you are gonna love Tenggol, the famous private island in Malaysia. This not only supports your privacy but is comfortable enough to feel like a home away from home. It is abode to several pristine beaches and gives a very laid-back vibe.

Best features-

  • Be wowed by the panoramic view of the island from the hilltop.
  • Get the sight of whales and sharks.
  • Disconnect from the world and enjoy diving in utter isolation.

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