Know About How Expensive is Malaysia – 2022 Guide

Malaysia is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia. The largely developed tech industries and tourism are the main reasons for its prosperity. The tourism in Malaysia is more affordable as compared to the neighboring countries. Plan a tour to Malaysia and explore the best busy streets, amazing tea plantations, colonial-era architecture, serene beaches, and verdant rainforests with exotic wildlife.

1.How much a Trip to Malaysia Cost?

A vacation to Malaysia is not much costly as compared to the other countries. Major part of the costs is taken from the return flight and the accommodation. The price of hotels are cheaper but as most of the tourists stay for nearly about 2 to 3 weeks the total costs turn out to be high. Most of the hotels in Malaysia follow the rule of price/quality ratio. Mostly all the 5 star hotel rates start from RM300 per room for single night. A 4 star hotel will cost you around RM 200 to RM 300 per night. You may also find some guesthouses where you will need to pay RM70 for a single night. It all depends on the type of hotel you book.

2.Is Malaysia Expensive for Shopping?

cost of shopping in malaysia

You will find various malls and roadside stalls in Malaysia. Tourists from all over the world travel to the country for shopping different famous items from Malaysia. You may find some designer boutiques and various types of electronic products, apparels, handicrafts stores all over the country in different cities. Kuala Lumpur is famous for its malls and various marketplaces.

Bargaining has to be done on roadside malls for cheap shopping. There are many duty-free stores too in most of the tourist destinations that offer tax-exempt goods like cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol, and other technical products. It is advisable to visit the bazaars and night markets that is in the town to experience the best and lively atmosphere, taste the local cuisines, and get some best deals on products. The prices of products are cheaper in Malaysia as compared to other Asian countries. You may find that Kuala Lumpur has some expensive products as compared to the other cities in Malaysia.

3.Cost of Food in Malaysia

is food expensive in Malaysia

The cost of daily living in Malaysia is cheap. The local treats can be tasted with minimum price. If, you try out something Western, then the cost can turn out to be expensive. So, you really need to balance your days wisely to save money. You can eat a nice European breakfast and then try out the local cuisines that are cheaper in order to balance your pocket. Products that are available in the supermarket are 25 % percent cheaper than the European prices as these western products are imported ones. Alcohol is too much expensive in Malaysia. So, check out the costs before you try them.

4.Is Kuala Lumpur Expensive?

Is Kuala Lumpur Expensive

You need to bargain a lot in Kuala Lumpur. You may find rooms in a 5 star hotel that you would pay for a 1 star hotel in London. The lower end hostels offer good value in Kuala Lumpur. The standard of living in this city is high as compared to the other cities in Malaysia. It does not get much attention as compared to the neighbor Singapore does. If, you compare the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur is cheaper as compared to Singapore. It is a modern city with all Asian experiences and culture that makes it a must visit city. You can enjoy some local street food and know their food culture. The cost of a meal starts from RM 10 with lots of variety of food.

5.Things to do in Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon is among best things to do in malaysia

There are various things you can do in Malaysia. If you are with your kids, then Malaysia has various family-oriented attractions. Water parks, entertainment centers like Legoland Malaysia, and Sunway Lagoon are popular in this country. For animal lovers, you may visit Zoo Negara, Aquaria KLCC, Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, and more. For youngsters, you may find various places to have fun. There are various malls where youngsters can hang out. Shopping, indulging in local treats, and roaming around the streets can be done in Malaysia.

6.Is Malaysia Expensive to Live in

cost of staying in malaysia

The cost of living in Malaysia is cheap. You need to plan out in a smart way. With few euro’s a day you can easily you can easily spend your day in Malaysia. You have to make a choice whether you would go for a RM10 meal or have a multiple course dinner. If you want a luxurious holiday, then you would most probably need to pay more. The costs of flight, overnight stays, daily costs and other costs need to be taken into consideration while travelling to Malaysia. The transportation cost in Malaysia is not too cheap. So, you can easily travel from one place to another. Most of the attractions are priced considering the Asian Budget, so most of the things are cheap in this country. There are many Malaysia tour packages from Dubai that are affordable with best services. You can get the best one that covers most of the tourist’s attractions in a low range.

Taking a tour to Malaysia is cheaper as compared to the other Asian countries. Research and plan out your itinerary wisely once your Malaysia visa has been finalized.

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