5 Top Activities & Attractions in Redang Island, Malaysia 2023

Malaysia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. Be it the vibrant cities, the natural landscapes, the lush forests, the pristine beaches, the delicious cuisine or the interesting culture, Malaysia offers a lot of things. However, if you are not interested in having a holiday in the busy touristy places of Malaysia, but are looking forward to a quiet, laidback vacation, the Redang Island would be perfect for you. Known as Palau Redang, this island is one of the nine islands that form a part of the marine sanctuary park in the Terengganu area of Malaysia. While it is the perfect place to lounge on its pristine beaches and do absolutely nothing, here are 5 of the most interesting things that you can do on Redang Island.

Redang Island: Things to Do

Redang Island is a secluded island and does not have too many touristy things to see and do. However, you would find some great luxurious resorts and hotels on this island. Most of these resorts and located on the beach and offer every comfort and luxury found in the modern world. While you are not relaxing on the private beach of the hotel or indulging in its relaxing spa massages, here are the give things that you can enjoy on Redang Island.

1.Scuba Diving

Scuba Dive Redang Island
This is surely one of the most obvious activities to expect when you are visiting an island. Moreover, Redang Island is one of the most popular diving places in Malaysia, with more than 30 diving spots around the area. Before you embark on your scuba diving tour, you would have to undergone training for the same. The underwater world near Redang would give you the chance to view marine species as well as shipwrecks. Expect to see a variety of marine animals like fusiliers, black tip reef sharks, cuttlefish, humphead parrotfish, whale sharks, manta rays, trevallies, jacks, etc. The cost of scuba diving on the island would depend on the diving school you choose to go with. Most resorts or hotels arrange scuba diving tours for their guests. Before that, you need to book your Malaysia tourist visa and make a  step forward to collect these unforgettable memories.


Snorkelling in Redang Island
If scuba diving in the deep blue waters near Redang is not your cup of tea, try something a little less intimidating, but exciting nonetheless, and i.e. snorkelling. Redang Island with its perfectly, crystal clear waters is a great place to go scuba diving. You would find snorkelling facilities at almost all beaches on the island. A snorkelling session would give you the opportunity to explore the colourful marine life on the surface. Get ready to see turtles, rays, giant fish skulls, sharks, etc. Snorkelling does not require you to undergo any training or even known swimming. Hence, this is one activity that you should not miss in Redang Island. Safety gear and other scuba diving equipment is usually included in the total cost.


Trekking Redang Island
You do not have to spend your entire holiday on the beaches of Redang. On the other hand, this is a great chance to explore the island on foot. The island is filled with hills and forests where you would find different species of animals and rare plants. Apart from the domestic animals of the villages, you would also be able to see colourful birds, giant lizards, monkeys, unique plants, etc. If you are looking forward to explore the flora and fauna of the island, the path from Jalan Pasir Panjan Village would be perfect for you. On the other hand, trekking enthusiasts who are looking for a little more challenge should go for the Pasir Panjang to Teluk Dalam route. Whichever route you take, you would be able to enjoy your time amongst beautiful nature and wilderness.

4.Enjoying Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine in Redang Island
One of the best ways to know about a place is trying its local cuisine. While the resort or hotel you are staying at may have restaurants serving international cuisines, you should definitely check out the cuisine of the area. Redang Island is a great place to try the unique and exotic flavours of Malaysian cuisine. Delicious main courses made of rice, noodles, vegetables and meat mixed with variety of sauces and gravies await you at this place. Then there is the delectable deserts and exotic fruits that you should definitely try. Apart from the variety of restaurants, try out the different food stalls and hawker streets near the tourist places and beaches, where you would find authentic local food at cheap rates.

5.Chilling at the Beach

One of the highlights of this island is that it has some of the most beautiful beaches not only in Malaysia but also in Southeast Asia. Long Island is the most popular and the longest beach on the island and most of the hotels and resorts are located on this beach. Still, there are several other beaches on Redang which are not just pretty but secluded too, for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the place in private. While you are not trekking, scuba diving or snorkelling, you can just lounge on one of the many beaches on the island. Right from swimming in it clear waters to relaxing on the comfortable lounge chairs to playing volleyball, the beaches of Redang Island offer a lot of things. Some of the beaches also have water sports for those interested.

The white sandy beaches, clear waters and the biodiversity of Redang Island make it an ideal hotspot for honeymoon and even a quiet holiday with family. Although you may not find too many activities on Redang Island as compared to other tourist places of Malaysia, you would surely enjoy the peace, solitude and beauty of the place.

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