Enjoy the Best of Malaysia through Top Malaysia Festivals & Events (2023 Guide)

There are numerous festivals and events happening in Malaysia all through the year. Participating or experiencing these festivals and events is one of the great ways to blend into the local cultures, heritage, traditions, and religions that exist in Malaysia. Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures and traditions from across the globe.

There are several facets to the Malay culture. Every festival and event in Malaysia is celebrated with so much enthusiasm and excitement. Every culture has been welcomed by Malaysia with open arms, which is one of the reasons why there are so much vividness and exuberance in the celebrations. Contact your local tour operator to understand how to apply for Malaysia visa. We have listed some of the top festivals and events celebrated in Malaysia.

1.Chinese New Year

There is a great influence of Chinese cultures and traditions considering the significant portion of the population in Malaysia is Chinese. Hence, it is no surprise that the Chinese New Year is celebrated on a big scale with pop and glamor and is considered one of the biggest events in Malaysia. The Chinese communities decorate their homes, streets, and other establishments with the traditional red colors to keep off bad spirits. Malaysia turns red during this time, as all the Chinese population residing in Malaysia get together with their families. They cook several dishes on the same day which symbolizes life, energy, and wealth.

The lion and dragon dances coupled with a grand fireworks display mark a major portion of the calendar during the 15-day period held either in January or February. The exact dates are finalized by the Lunar calendar. You can also find the festivities of the Chinese New Year in shopping malls, where you can get really good deals at reasonable prices and heavy discounts.

2.Hari Raya Puasa

Hari Raya Puasa in Malasia

Also known as Eid al-Fitr, this festival marks the end of Ramadan, which is the month of fasting. This is said to be the most important Muslim festival in Malaysia. The entire day is celebrated with prayers, and the Muslims share food with the family members and the rest of the community. You can even get a chance to treat yourself to the best of Malay cuisine. The young ones are given money by the elders in green packets often referred as ‘Eidi’.

This is one of the prominent Malaysia Festivals & Events celebrated across the country. Being a Muslim country and a majority population following Islam, the festival dates are decided by the 9th month of the lunar calendar and the festivities of Hari Raya continues for a month. The Muslims observe a fast from dawn to dusk and restrict consuming food and indulging in any wrongdoing. They also indulge in a lot of charity work.


Deepavali in Malaysia

Also known as Diwali, this is considered to be the festival of lights and is celebrated in Malaysia with several light sources that symbolize the victory of truth over evil and darkness. It is a Hindu Festival and is also considered as the Hindu New Year’s Day. Be part of the vivid celebrations in Malaysia by being part of this grand Hindu festival in Malaysia. The dates of this festival usually fall in the month of October or November.

The Hindus bathe with oil at dawn before they embark upon a day of prayer. Several Hindus gather at temples or at their homes for offering prayers. You will find homes and temples beautifully lit with oil lamps, processions, street bazaars, fireworks which mark the festivities of the region, especially in Kuala Lumpur’s Little India, where you will find a significant Indian population. Do catch hold of any Hindu friends or colleagues you have in the city, as this could be your chance to taste flavored Indian delicacies and desserts and also experience the wonderful Hindu traditions and culture.


Wesak Day Celebrations

Also known as the Wesak day, this is a Buddhist celebration which is celebrated in remembrance of the three most important days (birthday, enlightenment, and the achievement of Nirvana) that occurred in the life of Buddha. The festivities kick off at dawn as they Buddhist devotees gather at Buddhist temples all over the country to meditate. They follow up activity is distributing food and indulging in charity donations to the needy. Regular prayers are offered as a part of the Wesak day celebrations. The marvelous float procession of the Buddha statue is one of the key highlights of this festival. This is definitely one of the sights to watch out for.


Thaipusam in Malaysia

This is a Hindu festival which is celebrated by the Tamil community in Malaysia. It kicks off with a procession from Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Kuala Lumpur and continues on for 15 long kilometers till the Batu Caves. The journey is spread over 8 hours and the procession includes climbing the 272 steps to reach the top of the cave. There are more than one million devotees which also includes several tourists from other countries who participate in this festival. The devotees carry sacrificial burdens known as kavadis and also pierce their bodies to seek the blessings from God Murugan. This festival is also celebrated in another cave site in Penang. Thai refers to the month and Pusam refers to a star, this festival is usually celebrated in the month of January or February when the star is at its highest.

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