Enjoy the Best of Your Malaysia Travel on Budget 2022

White sandy beaches with pristine blue waters, a diverse population, delicious cuisines inspired from the very best, and bustling cities. Malaysia is surely a dream destination for many. But the very fact that it is one of the developed and richest countries in Southeast Asia and one of the top tourist holiday destinations makes people give second thoughts to plan a holiday to Malaysia.

Malaysia gives is a fusion of diverse cultures, a rich heritage, traditions, and people from various religions backgrounds combined to give you a wonderful experience overall. You can explore the beautiful places to visit in Malaysia with an excellent public transportation system which ranges from bus services to metro services. The tourist infrastructure is well connected and established and the country has always welcomed tourists from all over the globe. Malaysia is very much an affordable holiday destination and appeals to all types of travelers irrespective of whether you are a backpacker or a luxury tourist. Using the below mentioned parameters would act as a Malaysia travel guide and give you an insight about how you can plan a Malaysia travel on budget.


Look out for discount airlines which fly in and out of Malaysia from other countries of Southeast Asia. You can also choose to use a bus or metro service from Thailand or Singapore. This would be a cheaper option for commuting into Malaysia.

2.Accommodation in Malaysia

Accommodation in Malaysia

You can get dorms which would cost around 25-50 MYR per night. You can get a private room in budget hotels for around 75 MYR per night with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and linen. Even hostels offering accommodation facilities offer free breakfast. A high rated hotel would cost you around 200 MYR per night. Look out for shared accommodations through sites such as Airbnb for as low as 50 MYR per night or rent a home or an apartment for around 250 MYR per night. You can also look out for accommodation during your camping activities in nature parks and on public land. Malaysia accommodation may not be tough to find but do book in advance to avoid any last-minute rush especially during the festive season.

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3.Traveling locally in Malaysia:

Malaysia has an excellent bus service all over the country. Bus schedules are strictly followed and they are reliable and maintain a high quality throughout the entire journey. There is bus service connecting all parts and corner of the country. Bus tickets are priced between 5-15 MYR per hour. Many taxis in Malaysia do not use the meter. So, do fix your cost before setting off. It is difficult to share taxis in Malaysia as people prefer not using this mode of transport. Metro is also a convenient and reliable mode of transport you can use to support your budget. You can get cheap flights for as low as 100 MYR and 300 MYR from Penang and Bangkok respectively. Train tickets would be around 175 MYR for a train between Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok.

4.Eating and Drinking options:

Malaysian Food

Malaysian food is greatly influenced by Chinese and Indian cuisines. There are plenty of restaurants in Malaysia offering Chinese and Indian cuisines. George Town in Penang island offers one of the best options for savoring your taste buds. Many restaurants offer great diversity in their cuisines. Some of the popular dishes in the Malay cuisine are Nasi lemak, Rendang, and Satay. Avoid fine dining options as restaurants would affect your budget greatly. Explore the sit-down restaurants rather than fine dining options. Street food is another popular option in Malaysia and will not cost you more than 15 MYR a meal. Western meals and fast-food chains like McDonald would cost you around 20 MYR a meal. If you stick your budget to local food items and avoid western specialties like cheese, wine would greatly hamper your budget. If you are willing to cook on your own, groceries would cost between 90-150 MYR a week.

5.Explore these budget activities:

There are plenty of budget activities in Malaysia which you can indulge in. You can get adventurous trekking and hiking activities for as low as 35-75 MYR per day. Activities such as diving is a touch expensive and would cost you around 245-300 MYR over two days or 830-1325 MYR for an entire PADI course. You can opt for white-water rafting for around 200 MYR. You can also try camping in areas such as Taman Negara, the accommodation is around 5 MYR per day, a great boost to your savings on accommodation. Apart from this, you can stroll and explore the green national parks of Malaysia, most of them have an entry fee of less than 20 MYR.

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6.Some additional points to note:

  • You can get cheap accommodation facilities using Couchsurfing. Book well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.
  • Social coupon sites such as Groupon offer great deals and discounts which offer great savings.
  • The English language is taught in all schools, so you can expect the people to have a basic understanding of English.
  • The diving season in Malaysia is between the months April and September
  • Drug peddling or assistance is considered a serious offense in the country

Avoid drinking in Malaysia as it would hamper your budget greatly.

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