Places to Visit in Malaysia for New Year’s Festive Vibe 2023

One of the beautiful countries in Southeast Asia is Malaysia. Its national capital is Kuala Lumpur, which is also the largest city. Malaysia has a varied wildlife that contains almost 20% of animal species found in the world. Its two-third area is covered by forest.

It has a tropical climate, which means no real winters, but the early mornings & evenings have slightly lower temperatures between December to February. So, plan Malaysia travel in December, which is the best time to create new memories for a lifetime. Apply for Malaysia visa now!


Cultural diversity can be seen in its festivals & events. Plan your trip and have a great opportunity to admire different festivals like: The Dragon Boat Festival to explore colorful traditional boats; Christmas to taste Plum cakes and admire decorations; Thaipusam to experience piercing of the skin; Chinese New Year to enjoy Lion & dragon dance performances.

Kuala Lumpur

It’s worth to visit the amazing city to experience the diverse group of people from different religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. A lot of festivals & events are celebrated around these religions such as Christmas, Thaipusam in Batu Caves, Ramadan, and Chinese New Year.

Kuala Lumpur Christmas

The biggest day to explore & taste delicious food and enjoy firework displays is Christmas Eve. If you are a food lover then do not miss the chance to taste the most popular dish; roast or fried chicken, assorted steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes with drinks and desserts. Another famous and colorful festival to click nice pictures is Thaipusam when the devotees impale their bodies with long metal spikes. Exploring the lucky & symbolic food during Chinese New Year celebrations will complete your trip. Night life in Kuala Lumpur is very popular which gives you the opportunity to taste the delicious food of your choice while gazing at the stars.

Cameron Highlands

Experience the pleasant & cold weather between the hills as it is based at higher altitude. Grab the opportunity to explore the Butterfly Farm and Strawberry Farm and create breathtaking memories for life long. The colorful and vibrant butterflies will leave you in an amazing feeling and juicy strawberries will get your taste buds linger on the taste forever. You should not miss the chance to visit the night market at Brinchang and Tanah Rata towns. During festival seasons, the stalls are ready to offer a variety indigenous handicrafts, kitsch souvenirs, continental snacks, cactus, plants, and vegetables and fruits. If you would like to know the steps of making tea, then you must visit BOH Plantation. If you are a night person then enjoy the nightlife of Cameron Highlands, visit restaurants of your choice, and enjoy evenings with beverages in hand.

Cameron Highlands Strawberry Farm


It is the second smallest state in Malaysia which has two parts: Penang Island & Seberang Perai. This bright city celebrates different kinds of festivals throughout the year. The main religious & cultural festivals include, but not limited to, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Aidiladha, Wesak Day, Songkran, Eid ul-Fitri, Thaipusam, Deepavali, Christmas, and Vaisakhi. Many other events are also organized during the year like the International Dragon Boat Race, International Floral Festival, and St. Anne’s Festival.

Penang dragon boat

Explore and admire the Penang Botanical Gardens, which is engulfed with flowers in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Witness the dragon boat crew struggle in the water to be the champions and enjoy various stage performances. This island gives you a different kind of vibes at night when the sun sets and lights are turned on. Beaches, pubs, and rooftop cocktail bars are the most popular place to enjoy the nightlife.


It is a popular destination among the travelers and exposes you to rich cultural heritage. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is a historic Chinese Temple known as the oldest Buddhist and shrine place of worship. While in Malacca, do not forget to ride and explore the Anaconda Twist, the Lazy Cum Crazy River, The Pendulum slides, the Big Wave pool, and the Adventure Island in the wonderland theme park. Give wings to your photographic creativity by taking the opportunity to visit Upside Down House in Malacca. Inside the house, everything is inverted. Visiting during the festival time will increase the charm and give you a mind-blowing experience. It also gives you all the options to enjoy at night, whether late night parties or shopping.

Malacca river


Being a multicultural country, Malaysia celebrates many festivals & events, but Langkawi Island transforms itself into a vibrant hub, and you get the opportunity to explore & admire the colorful decorations, food markets, and the cultural performances. It also organizes different events to engage the crowd across the globe, few of them are aerospace and maritime exhibitions, food fiestas, the golfing tournaments, trail runs, water sports and strongman competitions, and yacht racing program. The nightlife in Langkawi is awesome; enjoy some live music while sipping the delicious cocktail or watch the sunset over a chit-chat with locals or fellow tourists.


The list is never ending as Malaysia is a colorful & diverse country and you can create many unforgettable moments there with your family & friends. So, get ready to take up all the opportunities to blast the festive season in Malaysia. Spend an amazing time with your family and build a memory book for lifetime.

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