Islands That You Must Visit on Your Trip to Malaysia 2023

With its picturesque cities and tranquil rainforests, Malaysia is a land of contrasts. Similarly, the destination is known for its castaway islands sprinkled on the azure waters surrounding Malaysia. Did you know that Malaysia is home to over 800 tranquil islands? Among these popular spots are some hidden tropical gems that have been untouched by Malaysia’s tourism boom. The beautiful beaches flanked by craggy jungles and crystal-clear waters, some of which are fantastic diving sites, will definitely make it a great getaway for you to explore. So, if you have a Malaysia visa, and you long for a good sun, sea, and sand experience, Malaysia’s serene islands are your best choice. In this destination, you will find a collection of small islands snug in the middle of nature’s stunning beauty. Take a look at these incredible islands to visit while in Malaysia.


Malaysia’s most popular beach destination, Langkawi is actually an archipelago of 99 islands spread across the Malacca Strait. Often called the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is a popular destination to visit on a Malaysia holiday. It is renowned for its pristine tropical beaches such as Datai Bay and Tanjung Rhu and  offers a variety of attractions like the impressive Sky Bridge and the iconic Eagle Square, which is one of the most photographed spots in Malaysia. Take in the aerial views of the lush mountain greenery tapering and edging out into the white sandy beaches and azure waters on the Langkawi Cable car ride.

Langkawi Island in Malaysia

Perhentian Islands

Some of the most unrivalled beaches of Malaysia can be found in the Perhentian Islands. Tucked in the Terengganu region of  Malaysia, Perhentian Islands consist of two islands, each steeped in stunning natural splendours. This paradise of powdery white beaches and lush wild landscapes is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Taking snorkeling or scuba diving trips will give you the chance to see vibrant aquatic life and corals that surround the isles.

Perhentian Islands of Malaysia

Sipadan Island

In Malaysia, there is only one oceanic island – Sipadan Island, which is located off the coast of Sabah. Scuba diving, idyllic scenic beaches, and the laid-back cozy vibe of island life make visitors fall in love with this destination. With its clear turquoise waters filled with a variety of aquatic life and multicolored corals, Sipadan Island is one of the most stunning dive spots in the world. This is one of the best places in Asia to spot reef sharks, hammerheads, and hawksbill turtles. Since the island has a sensitive ecosystem, visitors have limited access. The island can be visited as a day-trip experience only and no visitor can stay back on the island after 3 pm. For scuba diving, one needs to get a diving permit and, on a day, only a handful of divers are allowed to wade and plunge into the breathtaking underwater realm of Sipadan Island.

Sipadan Island in Malaysia

Rawa Island

Rawa Island is one of the lesser-known islands of Malaysia. Nestled in the Straits of Johor near to the Mersing township, Rawa Island is often tagged as the Maldives of Malaysia due to its gorgeous white sandy beaches and crystal-clear emerald waters. This is a wonderful spot for those seeking sanctuary in nature or couples seeking an escape from daily life. It has perfect swimming waters, an inviting beach vibe, and stunning panoramas, making it a destination that you would never want to leave. You can kayak around this island and experience some serenity, or swim underwater for some snorkeling fun. In addition to nature treks in the interiors of the island, the beaches also let you spend a night listening to the waves crashing on the shores of this tranquil island under a starry sky.

Rawa Island Malaysia

Tioman Island

The idyllic tropical island is located in the South China Sea, off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  Tioman Island combines a scenic splendour of white, sandy beaches, aquamarine waters and green tropical wilderness. The pleasant ambience is perfect for nature strolls and sundowner experiences. The clear azure waters beckon beachgoers and adventure lovers for quick swims and scuba diving. The waves at Juara Beach are suitable for those who want to surf a tropical swell. Additionally, shopaholics are attracted to the island due to its duty-free status. It is also one of the premier destinations in Malaysia for those looking for luxury retreats and world-class hotels and resorts.

Tioman Island Malaysia


Suitable for divers, beachgoers, nature enthusiasts, and budget travellers alike, Malaysia satisfies the diverse needs of tourists. The country is brimming with an assorted range of natural panoramas, among which its islands and beaches steal the limelight as the best spot to unwind and relax, enjoy adventure and have fun. An island holiday in Malaysia can give visitors a chance to discover a world of soothing experiences and thrilling extraordinary adventures during a Malaysian holiday.

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