Top Places To Visit and Tourist Things To Do in Johor Bahru 2023 Guide

A few years ago, Johor Bahru was not considered to be an important tourist location in Malaysia. However, this is because not many people know much about the capital city of Johor.

Located between Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, this is the second largest city of Malaysia. Positioned in the southern part of Malaysia, Johor Bahru is connected to Singapore through a causeway, and one of the best routes to visit Singapore from Malaysia. But what many do not know is that Singaporeans visit Johor Bahru on a regular basis mostly for shopping (as it is quite cheap than Singapore) and also to get away from the orderly life of Singapore. While this Malaysian city is popular for shopping, there are several interesting things to do in Johor Bahru that people of every age would enjoy.

1. Johor Bahru Attractions for Adults

There is no dearth of places in Johor Bahru that would not interest the adult minds. Right from historical monuments to hiking trails, there are several attractions that would keep you interested and entertained in this city of Malaysia.

2. Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque
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If you are interested in architecture, you would find the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque truly fascinating. Built in 1892, the architecture of this mosque is largely Victorian although you would find some Moorish elements too in this structure. Located on a hill top in Johor Bahru, it can accommodate around 2000 worshippers at a time and offers beautiful views of the Straits of Johor as well as the neighbouring country of Singapore.

3. The Chinese Heritage Museum

The Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum is dedicated to the Chinese immigrants who settled in this part of Malaysia. Consisting of three floors, this museum documents the history and interesting facts about these Chinese settlers. While the first floor of the museum has documents about the history of these immigrants, the second and third floors are full of exhibits that showcase the life and skills of the different groups of people who came to this place from China.

4. Johor Old Chinese Temple

Johor Old Chinese Temple

Another relic that belongs to the Japanese community is the Johor Old Chinese Temple. Originally built in the 19th century, the temple underwent renovation in the 1990s. The highlight of this place is that this ancient building lies amongst the skyscrapers of the modern era. The fact that the temple maintains its ancient air, along with its architecture and historical artefacts like the joss stick and the bronze bell, makes it an interesting place to visit.

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5. Pulai Waterfall

If you have missed your daily exercise during your vacation, visiting the Pulai Waterfall would help you burn a few calories. The perfect place to hike or even cycle, this place is great to spend some quality time amidst nature. It would take around two hours to reach the waterfall from the foot of the hill and the journey is one filled with beautiful nature and the company of some wild animals like monkeys, wild birds and lizards. With just the sound of the birds, animals and the waterfall, this is the best way to get away from the manmade noises of the city. Also, do not foget to take your swimwear if you want to swim in the cool waters once you reach the waterfall.

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6. Johor Bahru Attractions for Families and Kids

If you are travelling to Johor Bahru with your kids, you would have to find something more interesting than mosques, temples and historical buildings. But you really do not have to worry as this city has some of the most interesting things to do for children.

7. Johor Zoo

Johor Zoo

If your little ones are fascinated by the wild animals in their books, take them to Johor Zoo where they can see these animals in person. Located right next to the Abu Bakar Mosque, it is one of the best zoos in Malaysia. Over a 100 species of animals are present in this zoo, out of which some are endangered too. Some of the animals that you can spot here include elephants, lions, gorillas, flamingos, etc. To make it more interesting for the visitors, the zoo also organizes animal shows on a daily basis. If you are looking for places to visit in Johor Bahru with your children, this is definitely the place to start with.

8. Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is surely the highlight of visiting Johor Bahru and also one of the reasons for its popularity. This theme park is completely made of Legos and apart from the amusement park, there is also the water park. Complete with a hotel and over 40 rides and attractions, the Legoland is a place you can have the best time of your vacation. Right from viewing giant Lego models to building your own to indulging in some fun activities, there are no dearth of things that you can do in this theme park. If you are visiting Johor Bahru with kids, this is a place that you cannot miss.

9. Puteri Harbour Theme Park

If your kids love Hello Kitty, Angelina Ballerina, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pingu and Bob the Builder, the Puteri Harbour Theme Park in Johor Bahru is the place to go. Resembling a shopping mall, this complex has two indoor theme parks which would keep your children busy and excited. While the ground floor consists of various stores, the first floor is where you would find Sanrio Hello Kitty which is built around the theme of Sanrio characters. Apart from enjoying some interactive games and attractions, kids can also meet their favourite characters during shows and parades.

The second and third floors of the building is Thomas Town. While the second floor is dedicated to Angelina Balleria, Pingu, Bob the Buildr and Brney, the theme of the third floor is entirely based on Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Apart from the theme parks, the Puteri Harbour Theme Park also has several food outlets. Whatever the age of your kids, this place would surely bring them great enjoyment.

With so many things to do, we hope that your question as to what to do in Johor Bahru is answered. But one thing that we missed is shopping. There are lots of shopping avenues in this city, and the best thing is that it is quite cheap too. Johorian Premium Outlets, Rusty Market, City Square Mall, Landmark IT Mall, etc. Are some of the best places to shop in the city. Apart from the shopping malls, do not forget to check the cafes in Johor Bahru. The city has some really unique cafes where you can rest and relax with a delicious cup of coffee. However, before you plan your trip, do not forget to get your Malaysia visa from Dubai (if you are from UAE) or any other city in the world.

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