Reasons to Visit Malaysian Coastal Gem Langkawi in 2022

Malaysia is an amazing tourist destination with frenetic cities. But it also has many picturesque islands with surreal bays. Langkawi exemplifies it perfectly. If Southeast Asia has been on your list of places to visit to relax both your body and mind, then you must visit Langkawi.

The relaxing atmosphere of Malaysia, coupled with its sandy beaches, makes for an ideal tourist destination. It is perfect for those who wish to spend some quality time on the lap of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also, it is for those who wish to jazz up their mood by getting a much-needed break from their routine engagement.

Apart from its beautiful beaches, Langkawi is called a coastal gem for many reasons. Here are a few of them for which you must visit the place.

1. Breathtaking beaches – Perfect places to unwind on the lap of nature

Breathtaking beaches – Perfect places to unwind on the lap of nature

If sun-bathing has been your dream, doing it in the seawater near one of the islets of Langkawi is the best bet for you. Why? The answer is simple – the water on these beaches is bath-friendly, meaning that it is perfect for taking a bath.

Around the main island of Langkawi, you can spot several beaches. While some of them are more known, others are less popular. If you wish to explore beach towns, there are many options for you. The popular ones among them include Tanjung Rhu and Pantai Cenang.

Apart from these beach towns, there are also other smaller beaches wherein you can enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches of Malaysia in an atmosphere of calmness. Such beaches include Pulau Gasing, Pulau Pasir, and Pantai Tengah. The latter is the one-stop destination for tranquility.

2. Yummy flavors of different cuisines with mouth-watering taste to suit your taste buds

Yummy flavors of different cuisines with mouth-watering taste to suit your taste buds

Everyone relishes the prospect of tasting a mouth-watering cuisine. If you are a foodie, chances are you would dream of it. If you thought that visiting Langkawi on a Malaysia tourist visa is all about exploring its beautiful beaches and rich wildlife, its distinct cuisines would make you think again.

Unique cuisines are all the rage in Langkawi among the locals. They take pride in preparing diverse cuisines. While some of them have native influences, others have Thai and Chinese influences as well. If you wish to get the real taste of unique dishes in Malaysia, you can visit the night markets. Not only do they provide flavorful cuisines, but also have the best atmosphere with lighting and brilliance all around.

Some popular local cuisines that you taste to soothe your taste buds in Malaysia are Ikan Bakar, Ayam Percik, Keropok Lekor, and street foods. Apart from enjoying these mouth-watering cuisines and street foods, you can also have some desserts and sweet dishes to jazz up your mood. The native ones that you can savor include kuih and Apam Balik.

3. Exciting possibilities to take a day trip and go shopping

Exciting possibilities to take a day trip and go shopping

You can board ferries that move at a top speed from Kuah Jetty. With them, you can easily head to the Thai Islands. If taking a day trip is on your mind, the must-visit islands for you are Koh Lipe, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket, and Krabi. The last three islands are in Thailand, and you can go there easily by boarding a high-speed ferry.

If you wish to go on a shopping spree, then the duty-free shopping feature of Malaysia is the best solution for it. Langkawi has a long list of leading malls wherein you can find local textiles and handicraft items. The popular malls wherein you can go shopping are Teow Soon Huat, jetty Point Duty-Free Shopping Complex, Coco Valley Duty-Free Complex, and Zone Shopping Paradise. These malls are fully air-conditioned, so you can go there with a free mind on sunny days.

4. Truly alluring natural landscapes

Truly alluring natural landscapes

One of the reasons why Langkawi has been able to attain the status of World Geopark from UNESCO is due to its impressive array of landscapes. To gain a deeper insight into the landscapes of Malaysia bestowed on it by nature, you need to visit the top destinations such as Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Payar Marine Park, and Pulau Beras Basah.

The fact remains that Malaysia has an inescapable natural charm owing to its shallow waters and colorful corals. Pulau Beras perfectly exemplifies the latter, whereas Pulau Payar Marine Park indicates the former in the best possible manner. In addition, Malaysia also has fascinating mangrove forests, limestone karst islands, and defining mountainous landscapes.

Pulau Dayang Bunting in Langkawi has refreshing water wherein you can enjoy a bath, especially when the sun is out. Many locals believe that it is good for the fertility of females. This place has many monkeys, though. So, you need to be careful about the things you carry. Monkeys here can snatch the bags and food items.

5. Rich and diverse wildlife

Rich and diverse wildlife

Langkawi has a rich ecology that houses diverse species of plants and animals. By exploring the wildlife of this place, you can learn many new and exciting facts about both its flora and fauna. Interestingly, Langkawi is the home to as many as 238 distinct species of birds. Among the animals that you can commonly spot in its islands include flying lemur, flying dragons, flying foxes, flying squirrels, and flying snakes.

To catch sight of beautiful birds, you can head to Langkawi Mangroves. These are the most famous forests of Southeast Asia wherein you can find the weather and great hornbills. At the Datai Bay of Langkawi, you can spot the cloaked monkey. Kilim karst Geogorest Park is the one-stop destination for seeing macaques and pythons. It has many bat colonies that are about 550 million years old. If you wish to see the different varieties of fish in Malaysia, do not forget to check out the Underwater World Langkawi.


To sum up, Langkawi is truly Malaysia’s coastal gem that offers exciting possibilities to tourists who come here on a Malaysia visit visa or a tourist visa. Whether you are planning to visit Malaysia for the first time or have already visited the country, you would want to go there for the above reasons. Now that you know about the reasons for which you should head to Malaysia, start packing your bags and get ready to visit the country.

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