15 interesting facts about Langkawi Sky Bridge you should know

If you were to visit Langkawi, and the Sky Bridge was not already on your plan, we will give you one more chance to reconsider. By not taking into account that without our proposal this restoration would remain suspended, you will be passing the opportunity of visiting this wonderful suspension bridge. Here are 15 interesting facts about Langkawi Sky Bridge to know about strange but amazing bridge Langkawi in Malaysia to convince you to plan an evening there

Malaysia Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge Overview

The Langkawi Sky Bridge Malaysia is like a 125-meter curved wonder, sitting way up high at 660 meters on Gunung Mat Cincang peak. Thanks to the smart design by Peter Wyss in 2005, the walkway is made just right for enjoying the view. You can take the Langkawi Cable Car and the SkyGlide to reach the bridge, it’s like a smooth ride connecting nature with fantastic engineering. The walkway, held up by a clever triangular truss, links two hilltops at Gunung Mat Chinchang.

Location: Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
Opening hours: 9:30 AM to 7 PM, Everyday.

  • Marvelous engineering of the bridge.
  • Breathtaking hilltop view of the jungle and islands.
  • World’s steepest cable car ride.
  • Transparent glass panels to look below your feet.

How to reach: First you need to go to the oriental village in Langkawi to hop on to a SkyCab cable car that will drop you to the top of Mt. Machinchang.
Best time to visit: Visit during the evening or morning when the weather is calm and not windy enough. Suggested timings are after 10 am or after 2 pm.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge: 15 Fascinating Facts

1. It is among the world’s eighteen strangest bridges.

We would refer to ‘The Langkawi Sky Bridge’ in Malaysia as one of 18 strange bridges in the world at large, and possibly the most unique given its architectural design. The only inclusive pedestrian bridge in the town measures up to 140 meters and bends to form an open-ended boat that provides an intangible artistic experience for everyone who tries to cross.

2. It is the world’s longest curvature bridge in the world.

The saying of this beautiful bridge is the world’s longest curvature bridge having a 125-meter long elegant curved arch shape of this bridge, it is always special. This is one of the most interesting facts about Malaysia’s Langkawi Sky Bridge

3. It is one of the highest bridges all around the globe.

Langkawi Sky Bride is 2170 ft long and ranks itself as one of the highest bridges globally. It sits 2,170 ft above sea level so the Langkawi Sky Bridge belongs among the highest bridges in the world.

4. Bollywood’s franchise Don(2006) was shot here.

In the year 2006, a pivotal scene in Don, the Bollywood version,  the climax was also filmed on the Langkawi SkyBridge. This served the purpose that further pathos was not necessary and that tourists came later by themselves.

5. Both ends of the bridge have a triangular resting area.

Beyond its journey, the trekking to Sky Bridge extends further to the top of the mountain, Gunung Machinchang, marked by triangular resting spots and connectors from the beginning and the end. These hubs provide you the chance to sit down, unwind, and admire the setup, allowing you to upload to Instagram to storm the platform.

6. The entire structure is made up of stainless steel.

When it was renovated and opened after renovation in 2015, the frame was upgraded to being made using stainless steel instead of wire materials for modernity, longevity, and resistance as well.

7. You can also walk along a trail to reach the bridge.

For thrill-seekers, a wooden push bridge also offers an opportunity for a walking trail on the same. This way you can find an opportunity to enjoy an experience with which you can admire the views and breathe the fresh air while you reach the enchanting bridge.

8. It is only supported by a single pylon.

On one side, it’s difficult to believe and impressive to think about it that this entire bridge holds its weight with only one pylon, but it is that simple and distinctive the more appealing it becomes.

9. The Langkawi SkySable car is the steepest in the world.

The cable car has an inclination grade of 60 degrees which is the steepest inclined ride in the world that takes you on a 2.2-kilometer route.

10. You get exhilarating views.

Get impressed by this beautiful landscape with a view of the River of Thousand Falls, the Kawi Seven Waterfalls, the Tegal Tujuh Waterfall, and the other islands and archipelago covered with green forest.

11. You can even watch the waterfall and nearby islands from up above.

As the forest is right under your feet you get the bird’s eye view of the islands, islands, the Andaman Sea, mountain peaks, sandbars, and even Langkawi all to one glance.

12. One helicopter lifted the entire bridge to the mountain.

A remarkable engineering act, Langkawi Sky Bridge was lifted to the curvy tops of mountains by just one Russian helicopter, making the story even more unusual.

13. It accommodates 250 people at a time.

However, the Langkawi Sky Bridge can also be accessible for all to ensure the shared experience as it accommodates up to 250 people at any given time. It offers a lot of people sharing of experiences connecting people thus creating memories on this special bridge.

14. The curved design gives a new perspective all along the way.

The contour of the Langkawi Sky Bridge provides breakpoints throughout the bridge walk, not just giving it a different aesthetic view but also a perspective of the whole journey itself, sometimes making each step worth a thousand memories.

15. There are transparent glass panels on the bridge.

While interesting, how The Langkawi Ský Bridge is represented is with transparent glass panels. This provides you with the privilege to have an unparalleled view of the scene directly under your feet.

Tips to Visit Langkawi Bridge

  • The sky bridge ticket doesn’t include the cable ride, so you’ll need to pay separately for that.
  • Don’t forget to bring hats and scarves to shield yourself from the bright sun.
  • Pack warm clothes for the chilly height breezes.
  • Visitors with height fears or heart issues, avoid the sky bridge.
  • The best visit time is after 2:00 PM to avoid morning crowds.
  • Pick days with clear skies for the most amazing views.
  • Since it gets windy, consider taking a sweater or windcheater for comfort.


The Langkawi SkyBridge, with its admirable built and breathtaking views, awaits you to experience all the fun that it holds. These 15 interesting facts give you a sneak peek into the amazing world of this 125-meter curved wonder, so do not miss a trip to live it. From its unique design to the awesome views, the Langkawi Sky Bridge invites you to create memories and see the beauty of Malaysia in a whole new way. Trust us, it’s an experience worth having!

FAQ’s About Langkawi Sky Bridge

How much does the Langkawi Sky Bridge ticket cost?

The Langkawi SkyBridge ticket costs RM 6 for adults and RM 4 for kids from the ticketing counter at the Top station in Oriental Village. Do remember that the fare for the cable ride is not included in it.

Can I walk to reach SkyBridge?

Yes of course you can trail along the forests to reach the SkyBridge but it could be more strenuous and tiring.

Are children and elderly allowed at the SkyCable?

Yes, the Skycable also accommodates children and elderly persons carefully to help them reach the hilltop bridge.

How much does the Langkawi cable car cost?

The ticket fare to the cable car differs based on the various types of options available, which are standard, glass-bottom, and 360-degree gondolas. For Malaysian visitors, it costs around RM 40 to 150, while non-Malaysians have to pay around RM 80 to 150.

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