Taste these Delicious Malaysian Food During your Malaysian Holidays 2022

Malaysia in a beautiful country and an amazing country for food lovers. The Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indian and many other flavors melt together to give rise to amazing dishes which will surely entice your taste buds. Traditional Malaysian food and Malaysian street food is surely a delight when it comes to delicious tasty food.

The Malaysian cuisine truly reflects the diversity in Malaysia. While exploring cities like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang, you will come across several Malay specialties which a gastronome’s delight. The list below will act as a Malaysia food guide during your travel to Malaysia.

1.Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

Termed as the national dish of Malaysia and one of the best dishes to savor. Here the rice is cooked with pandan leaves in coconut milk. The dish is usually served wrapped in a banana leaf floating in oil along with sambal, Ikan Bilis, roasted peanuts, and boiled egg. Due to its oily state, it is mostly consumed during breakfast. There are several varieties of Nasi Lemak available in the local markets with the most complex one being served at RA Nasi Lemak.



Have it once and we assure you that you would be addicted to it. It definitely occupies a special place in the Malay delicacies to be tasted. A tasty rich broth served with noodles mixed with several condiments depending on the region being served which gives the dish a local flavor. One of the most popular dishes in Penang and Sarawak, with each being served with their own variations. The Laksa served in Penang has more fish ingredients with tamarind being the souring agent. The Sarawak Laksa uses coconut milk as the chief ingredient instead of fish broth. It is served with crunchy fresh bean sprouts, prawns, chicken strips, and slivers of omelet.

3.Mee Kolok

Mee Kolok

A popular breakfast menu dish and is commonly served in the hawker stalls all through the city of Sarawak. The basic components of this dish include boiled, strained egg noodles which are stirred with lard and topped with slices of roast pork. One of the best Malay dishes which you should never miss out on.

4.Roti Canai

One of the popular Malay delicacies which have a strong Indian influence. The main components of the dish include flatbread served with an array of tasty curries of mutton/chicken or dhal. The flatbread dough is prepared with clarified butter, water, and flour. The roti served can be different depending on the area you are in Malaysia. Little India serves roti canai happy hours every morning.



Often popularly termed as the Indian Pizza, the Murtabak is also another Malay delicacy with Indian origins. The name is derived from the Mutabbaq in Arabic which refers to being folded. A large population consumes the delicious Murtabak and the main components of the dish are minced meat (usually chicken, mutton, or beef), egg, sliced cucumber, tomato sauce or syrup-pickled onions, garlic, and onion with curry.

6.Pandan Cake Heaven

Pandan Cake Heaven

Pandan leaves is a must for many Malay cuisines and is abundantly used in desserts. Pandan cake heaven is often termed as the Asian vanilla. During adventurous trips across the country, the Pandan pancakes are perfect for grabbing a quick bite. The layered pandan cake mixed with gula apong feels like heaven, it just melts in your mouth. One of the best things to indulge in if you have a sweet tooth. You really cannot miss out on this wonderful Malay dish.



Another popular Malay dessert which has a strong resemblance to the Filipino halo-halo. The dish is prepared with green rice flour noodles, shaved ice, coconut milk, and red beans. The dish inherits the green color from the pandan leaves. This is a Malaysian street food special and can be found across the streets hawkers across all cities.

8.Banana Cheese

Banana Cheese

This is banana fritters topped with an abundance of grated cheese and condensed milk. The very thought of this dish can probably leave you drooling. Here the bananas are battered and then deep fried with the condensed milk and grated cheese, making it a mouth-watering dessert to taste. It is often served as a light snack during tea breaks especially in the areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

9.Nasi Dagang

Nasi Dagang

The locals say that the Nasi Dagang is an essential dish when you are serving Malaysian lunch. It consists of rice steamed with coconut milk, fish marinated with fried shaved coconut, hard-boiled eggs, vegetable pickles, and Solok Lada. This dish is also served during breakfast in the east coast of Malaysia in regions like Kelantan and Terengganu. Kampung Ladang in Terengganu serves probably the best Nasi Dagang you can ever have.



The very thought of this dish leaves people’s tongues wagging. Popularly known as the ultimate king of the fruits, the locals love it. The dish has a fragrance which your nose is going to smell from a mile away. The dish is extremely potent, hunky, and thorny. This dish is banned in many big chains such as Subway. The Durian puffs is another way to consume this tasty dish as a dessert.

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