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Malaysia Visa Requirements

Malaysia Visa Requirements & Documents Checklist

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian city which is popular for its ultra-modern cities, lush rainforests, pristine beaches, magnificent temples and delicious food. If you are planning to go on a vacation in Malaysia, the first thing you need to do is apply for a visa.

Documents Required for Visa Application

Here are the documents that you would have to submit with the application form while applying for a Malaysian visa.

  • Color Valid UAE residence Visa copy with 60 days validity by email.
  • Color passport copy with minimum 180 days validity by email.
  • 31 Recent Photograph with White Background (3.5*4.5 CM) by email.

Countries that Do Not Require Malaysian Visa

While passport is necessary, not everyone needs a visa to visit Malaysia. UAE nationals do not require a visa to enter Malaysia and stay there for three months. Apart from this, nationals of USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, France, Germany, Egypt, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, etc. also do not require a visa to stay in Malaysia for three months or 90 days. It is best to check with the Consulate to know if you need a visa before applying for one.

Countries that Require Malaysian Visa

While UAE nationals are exempt from visa for entry in Malaysia, expats in UAE would require one depending on their nationality. If you are a citizen of India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Colombia, China, Bhutan, Angola, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc., you need to apply for a visa. Your travel agent would be able to determine as to whether you require a Malaysian visa or not. You can also enquire at the Consulate to know more about the same.

How to Apply for Malaysian Visa

To apply for a Malaysian Visa, you need to submit the visa application form at the Malaysian Representative Office. Make sure you fill the form correctly. Even a small mistake can be the cause for your visa to get rejected. You can submit the form either at the Embassy of Malaysia in Abu Dhabi or at the Consulate General of Malaysia in Dubai.

Processing Period

The processing period is 2 to 3 working days.

Processing Period

The time required for processing your visa would depend on the country you belong to. You need to enquire with the Embassy in your country to get the actual time frame. You also need to understand that Canada Embassy has the right to reject your visa application for any reason.

Malaysia Visa Only For U.A.E Inhabitants

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