What to See and Things to Do at Legoland Malaysia (Johor Bahru) 2023

Legoland Malaysia

Located in Johor in Malaysia, Legoland Malaysia Theme Park is the country’s leading theme park. Also, it is the first of its kind in Malaysia. It has been attracting international tourists since its opening day on September 15, 2012. The specialty of this theme park lies in its 40+ attractions that include shows, interactive rides, and other such features.

Though the park was opened on the aforementioned date, its official opening took place a week later in the same year. It was done by the then Sultan of Johor, namely Sultan Ibrahim Ismail.

The theme park has a wide range of options. If you wish to visit it on a Malaysia tourist visa, knowing about its hallmark features will enable you to better plan your trip. Here’s an insight into its key tourist attractions.

Traverse Legoland Malaysia’s Awesome Themed Parks for the Ultimate Tourism Experience

Legoland Malaysia’s Awesome Themed Parks

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park has impressive attractions that will leave you spoilt for choice. From action-packed rides to the kingdoms of fearless knights and fearsome dragons, it has everything that you can think of.

As a visitor, you can traverse or explore eight amazing themed parks in Legoland Malaysia. These include the ones given below.

1. The Beginning

This is where you can get LEGOLAND Malaysia tickets. It consists of the entrance gates and a counter for buying tickets. Here, you will also find different kinds of shops. Prominent among them are the ones with visitor supplies and merchandise involving LEGO themes.

2. Technic

Technic is a theme park featuring an Aquazone Wave Racers, The Great LEGO Race, LEGO Academy, LEGO Mindstorms, and Technic Twister. All these attractions, except The Great LEGO Race, have been an integral part of Legoland Malaysia since the day of its opening. The Great LEGO Race was included in 2017.

Technic Twister is a teacup-style ride, whereas LEGO Mindstorms is a robot design workshop. The Aquazone Wave Racers have 4 water cannons for water splashing. The Great LEGO Race is a roller coaster based on virtual reality and the LEGO theme.

3. City

City is the model of a miniature town wherein children can explore a host of attractions. It has a boating school with the capacity to accommodate as many as three riders, and a driving school wherein kids can race with cars at a speed of 6 km/h.

Speaking of the other attractions of this theme park, junior driving school, LEGO City Airport, LEGOLAND Express, Rescue Academy, and The Shipyard, which acts as a playground, are some that you should look out for.

4. Kingdom

Located on the southwestern end of the park, Kingdom gives the feeling of the medieval era. It has as many as 6 star attractions. These include the Castle Stage, The Dragon, The Dragon’s Apprentice, The Forestman’s Hideout, Merlin’s Challenge, and The Royal Joust. All of these attractions are a part of Kingdom since the inception of Legoland Malaysia.

5. Miniland

Miniland consists of many fictional areas and models of different countries. It showcases the iconic buildings of countries like Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, and other Asian nations. It also had buildings themed on Star Wars but they were closed in 2019.

6. Imagination

Do tall buildings or skyscrapers make your little one curious? Or, is your kid fond of cars and houses? If any one of these is true, you would want to bring your kid to Imagination. Its Guild and Test Centre gives visitors a chance to engage in building houses, skyscrapers, and cars. Thereafter, they can evaluate their skills on the earthquake table.

Also, this area in Legoland Malaysia has other popular attractions such as riding the Ziener Junior droop tower and Kid Power Towers. You can let your kid take a ride on DUPLO Express. It is a miniature train with 5 carriages. At once, it can accommodate as many as 10 riders. Last but not the least, LEGO Studios is an attraction you would not want to miss out on. It involves a 4D movie adventure and can accommodate as many as 500 visitors.

7. Land of Adventure

The name of this theme park itself reveals the things that you can expect here. The theme of the Land of Adventure resembles architecture that was popular during the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900. Apart from a play area, namely Pharaoh’s Revenge, it also has four other attractions, which will not only take you to a world of adventure but also right inside the prehistoric times.

Beetle Bounce and LEGO NINJAGO The Ride are the two popular fun rides for kids. The former involves riding a tall drop, whereas the latter is an interactive ride that uses a special technology, which is motion-sensing technology. Alongside these elements, you can also let your kid explore the prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Dino Island and Lost Kingdom Adventure are the two popular attractions for kids.

8. Water Park and Sea Life Aquarium

Water Park, Legoland Malaysia

The Water Park was opened a year after the establishment of the theme park in Malaysia. The Sea Life came into being on June 29, 2019. The Water Park is popular for its 70 LEGO models and 20 water slides. On the other hand, the Sea Life Aquarium comprises 11 habitat zones.


Legoland Malaysia Theme Park is a unique world of adventure and fun. Though primarily intended for kids, it has something for people of all age groups. If you get the opportunity to visit Malaysia on a Malaysia tourist visa, do not forget to stop by the Legoland theme park in the country to check out the aforementioned attractions.

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