Countries That Require A Visa To Enter Malaysia

You must be wondering which country need visa for Malaysian travel. For this, you need to know about Malaysia visa policy. To answer this, below is the list of countries that need a visa for Malaysian entry for any duration of time.

● Western Sahara ● Comoros ● Hong Kong ● Rwanda
● Angola ● Democratic Republic of the Congo ● India ● Serbia
● Bangladesh ● Republic of the Congo ● Liberia ● Montenegro
● Bhutan ● Ivory Coast ● Mali ● Sri Lanka
● Burkina Faso ● Djibouti ● Mozambique
● United Nations (Laisse)
● Burundi ● Equatorial Guinea ● Myanmar
● Cameroon ● Eritrea ● Nepal
● Central African Republic ● Ethiopia ● Niger
● China ● Ghana ● Nigeria
● Colombia ● Guinea-Bissau ● Pakistan

Travel documents for getting a visa to enter Malaysia

Malaysia visa document requirement to enter Malaysia are as follows:

1. Filled out Malaysian visa application

From the official website of the Malaysian Immigration Department, you may obtain an application for a Malaysia visa.

Since a computer program and Adobe PDF Reader or its equivalent application are necessary for the online form submission, you need a computer to fill in the form online. It is a must to fill out the application and you should print two copies. Only one copy is valid if they are both signed by you.

On an A4 size paper, copy and paste the application form as you double the sides of the pages

2. A valid passport

malaysia passport

In this case, the original passport is required, and it should be not older than 6 months from the date on which you are planning your travel to Malaysia.

It is to include at least two pages that remain without any stamping by immigration officers because they will fill it up with your visa.

3. Images

  • In addition to passport-size photos, you must possess the latest Malaysian standard according to the photo criteria for each photo.
  • This covers 35 mm in width and 50 mm in height as well.
  • You should report a fearful or serious expression, whose low is over 30mm in height.
  • The arrow on the top must measure from 5 mm below the image and up to the top of your head.
  • In the proximity of your chin to the surface of the image, you will need to be 5mm away at the absolute minimum.
  • Moreover, one out of these four shots must sport a clear identity called a passport for a Malaysian visa application.

4. Verified flight schedule

Both the initial ticket you bought for Malaysia and the ticket you used to come back must be submitted. Additionally, you must affix colored reproductions of the ticket or tickets.

5. Evidence of accommodations

You need to show documentation that you are staying in Malaysia. The documentation could involve any of your hotel reservations or rental agreements of the place you are staying.

On the contrary, if living relatives or friends are housing you, they can write a letter or send an invitation to you via mail which can serve as proof of lodging.

6. An invitation letter from a Malaysian sponsor

If you are lodging with friends or relatives in Malaysia, they ought to send you a letter inviting you to visit, outlining your stay dates as well as your relationship.

The letter must also provide their full address and phone number.

A sponsor letter that is coming from a Malaysian resident.

Should you consider yourself a close relative or a friend’s house guest in Malaysia, the benefactor should naturally send you a letter requesting you to agree to a visit, encompassing the duration as well as your relationship.

Provide a No Objection Letter from an official at your educational institution, if you are a student, attesting to your enrollment status and the anticipated length of your leave.

7. Evidence of enough funding

To ensure the approval of your Malaysian visa application, you will need to provide evidence of your ability to support yourself and any accompanying dependents financially.

Statements from credit cards and banks from the last three months must be submitted. For the length of your visit, you should have at least €40 each day, while the precise amount varies per nation.

8. Malaysian visa charges

An application processing cost for a Malaysian visa is required, and it is not refundable. The cost and mode of payment are subject to change based on the Embassy or High Commission handling your application. However, some missions receive solely currency, whereas others ask visa application fees to be paid in advance to the embassy, and the bank check or funds are used for the paperwork submission.

9. Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination

Regardless of age, every traveler is compelled to show a British passport in the instances listed below: after spending 11 days or more in certain countries or after transiting for more than 12 hours in the airports of those countries.

They go to the country that is a possible destination or carrier of yellow fever virus; or have been in such country for more than 12 hours..

Visa Application Process:

What is the Malaysia visa application process is one of the most asked Malaysia tourist visa FAQs. Foreign nationals can apply for a Malaysian visa in two different ways: either manually or electronically.

Nevertheless, only a few nations can apply for Malaysian visas online. The majority of nations who are required to apply for a visa must do so at a Malaysian Representative Office overseas or via an approved visa application agency.

The Malaysia eVisa allows selected international nationals to apply for visas online, according to Malaysian officials. Your Malaysia eVisa will not be attached to your passport as a sticker; instead, you will get it online and need to print it if your application is accepted.

The only nations from which you may apply online for a visa to visit Malaysia are those listed below:

  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • China and India
  • Montenegro
  • Pakistan, India, Myanmar, and Serbia
  • Sri Lanka

Furthermore, the eNTRI (Electronic Travel Registration and Information) is accessible to Chinese and Indian nationals.

Steps for Applying for a Malaysian Visa

apply for malaysia visa

To apply for a visa to Malaysia, you must follow these easy steps:

1. Locate a Representative Office for Malaysia. It is your responsibility to determine whether your nation has a Malaysian Representative Office or a visa application facility or to locate the one that is closest to you.

2. Get the application here
You are supposed to use the Malaysia Visa Form and fill it out on the Immigration Department of Malaysia’s website before the submission of the application form. The software package that you`ll need is Adobe Reader, along with a computer. You need to print two copies of the completed application form and sign them.

3. Finish the document file.
You need to provide several supporting papers with your Malaysia visa application, such as:

  • Two copies of the application for a visa to Malaysia
  • the original passport that you have.
  • two passport photocopies for you
  • Two passport-sized photos.
  • a confirmed return ticket and a copy of your flight schedule.
  • Verification of lodging in Malaysia, like a hotel reservation.
  • Include a letter of invitation if you are staying with friends or relatives.
  • three months’ worth of bank statements.

If you want to apply for a visa to Malaysia use Reference: original letter of permission from Malaysia’s Immigration Department or another relevant authority.

4. Hold off on processing

Just as the immigration officer at the port of entry will have a final say on whether or not to grant you the entry permission you submitted the form, you should bear in mind that it is possible to receive a visa from Malaysia. They will print for you the right Wilayah, the form which indicates how many days you are allowed to stay in Malaysia, according to the purpose and the reasons that you came here. For instance, if you are a Malaysian citizen but wish to visit for tourism in Malaysia you are going to be given a pass called a “Short Term Social Visit Pass.”

Understanding Malaysian visa policies

Malaysia’s visa policy defines the conditions on how foreign citizens make their travel arrangements, enter, and stopover in the country. A vast number of travelers to Malaysia are issued visa-free entry for either a period of 90, 30, or 14 days depending on their nationality.

While the first step for the citizens of certain countries is to apply for a visa through the diplomatic missions of Malaysia, the right of entry is still reserved for these people. Today’s visitor is not allowed to be without a passport that’s valid for at least six months.

Types of Malaysia visa

Want to know how to choose Malaysia visa type? Depending on your nationality and the reason for your trip, Malaysia visa types are the following:

1. Single entrance Tourist eVisa: The most popular online visa for Malaysia is the single entrance tourist eVisa. It is given to visitors from other countries that need a visa to enter Malaysia. This Malaysia tourist visa is only good for a single entrance, as the name would imply. The holder may remain for up to 30 days within the three months that it is valid from the date of issuing.

2. Multiple Entry Tourist eVisa for Malaysia: This type of eVisa may be applied online and is not available to everyone. It is only granted to foreign citizens who need a Malaysian visa to enter the nation, mostly for commercial or government-to-government transactions. Furthermore, the special multiple usage Malaysia tourist visa which does not expire is just exclusive to citizens of People’s Republic of China and India who must always visit there for social reasons. The tourist visa to Malaysia with multiple entries usually has a validity of 3 to 12 months although its beginning may be stated plus you are able to enter any time as long as you have not reached the expiry date. They have a maximum stay permitted within 30 consecutive days. Stay extensions are not permitted for this kind of Malaysia visa.

The following are requirements for the Multiple Entry Visa: the applicant must demonstrate that they have enough money to stay in Malaysia.

  • The candidate has to have a confirmed and valid return ticket.
  • Tour companies are not permitted to apply for visas with multiple entries.
  • To Indian nation, Multiple Entry Visa comes at a cost of RM100.00, however for Chinese Nationals of People’s Republic it costs RM30.00.

3. Malaysia Visa stickers: Applying offline exclusively for the Malaysia Sticker Visa is the required to-do.

Both single and repeated admissions into the nation are permitted with the Malaysian sticker visa. The same has a processing time of 4-5 business days, a 30-day stay is permitted, and a 12-month validity duration. It is appropriate for a variety of social visits.

The applicant must demonstrate that they have enough money to stay in Malaysia to be granted a multiple-entry visa.

  • A confirmed and valid return ticket is required for the application.
  • Applications for Multiple Entry Visas are not accepted from tour groups.
  • For inhabitants of India and the People’s Republic of China, the cost of a multiple-entry visa is RM100.00 and RM30.00, respectively.

4. Philippines Visa sticker: The Malaysia Sticker Visa requires an offline application. This Malaysia visa type permits both one and more admissions into the nation. The same has a 4-5 business day processing time, a 30-day stay restriction, and a 12-month validity duration. For all types of social visits, it may be utilized.

5. Employment permit: Usually granted for technical or management positions, this permit is given to workers who possess particular abilities. Typically, the minimum duration is two years. Temporary Employment Pass: Issued for positions with a monthly wage of less than RM 5000 or for employment terms less than two years.Professional Visit Pass: Given to foreign nationals who continue to work for their employer in their home country but are obliged to provide certain services for a Malaysian firm for a maximum of six months.

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