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Malaysia Single Entry Visa

Malaysia, with its vibrant culture, friendly people, and fascinating history, is an outstanding destination to visit. Malaysia is sure to provide an unforgettable journey, with an array of amazing experiences such as exploring lush rainforests, relaxing on pristine beaches, and indulging in delectable local cuisine. if you're seeking a quick getaway to Malaysia, the Single Entry Visa is your ideal choice!

Familiarizing yourself with the visa prerequisites is critical for a hassle-free entry into the country. A Single Entry Visa is a favoured choice among tourists who plan to visit Malaysia for a short duration. To assist you in preparing for your trip and obtaining Malaysia's Single Entry Visa, here are some essential guidelines for your reference.

Malaysia Visa Fees

Visa Types Processing Days Malaysia Visa Fees
Malaysia Single Entry Visa*3 to 6 Working Days (Depend on Embassy) 400 AED
  • Malaysia Single Entry Visa allows one-time entry within its validity period, up to 3 months. This visa is typically issued for tourism, business, or social visits.
  • Re-entry is not permitted after leaving Malaysia with a single entry visa.
  • Although some countries have visa-free agreements, most foreign nationals must obtain a visa to enter Malaysia. UAE nationals are exempt from requiring a visa, but other nationalities residing in the UAE must apply for a Malaysia visa.
  • Applicants must have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry.
  • A valid purpose for the visit, such as tourism, business, or social visits, must be provided.
  • It is necessary to have enough money saved up to pay for the costs incurred while touring Malaysia.
  • The travel itinerary, including details of planned places intended to visit and list of activities as well as details of accommodation in Malaysia, must be provided.
  • Confirmed return or onward ticket to the next destination is necessary.
  • The processing time for a Malaysia Single Entry Visa can take up to 3-5 working days. Visa fees vary depending on the country of origin and are non-refundable. Apply for your visa at least two weeks before your intended travel date to ensure you receive it on time.
  • Single Entry Visas cannot be extended, and you must leave the country once it expires. The validity period of your visa is three months, and you can only stay in Malaysia for a total of 30 days from the date of arrival.

Malaysia Single Entry Visa Requirements:

  • A valid original passport with a validity period of at least 6 months after the date of entry into Malaysia, as well as a copy of the passport's biodata page.
  • A photocopy of the UAE work or residency permit is required.
  • An error-free Malaysia visa application form.
  • A colour passport-sized photo that is clear, unblemished, and clicked as per the visa specifications. It should also be a photograph taken against a white background. The photograph must have been taken within the last three months.
  • A thorough itinerary that includes flight information and hotel reservations for Malaysia is necessary. A hotel reservation or an invitation letter from a Malaysian host where you intend to stay are acceptable forms of proof of lodging.
  • A confirmed return ticket or a ticket for travel to a different location.
  • Proof of employment, education, self-employment, financial support, or additional relevant supporting documents.
  • Invitation letter from Malaysia, if any with a copy of the sponsor's passport copies, work permit, and Malaysian identity card etc.
  • Most recent bank statements should be provided as evidence that you have enough money to cover your expenses in Malaysia. Employers should provide clarity on employment status and salary slips to business visitors.
  • Visa fees
Important details to bear in mind when applying for a visa to Malaysia:
  • Having a passport valid for at least six months after the date you plan to arrive in Malaysia is crucial and should be the first step before starting a visa application process. If not, the visa can be rejected. If passport is not valid, you must first renew your passport before applying for your visa.
  • Present all necessary paperwork, such as your passport, hotel reservation confirmation, and a return ticket. Applications that are incomplete or has missing paperwork won't be processed.
  • Double-check your application to ensure there are no mistakes or omissions, as these can result in delays or application rejection. You must have legible, machine-readable copies of all of your documents, including your passport and visa application.
  • Be prepared to discuss your trip and the reasons for visiting Malaysia in an interview at the Malaysian embassy or consulate.
  • Be prepared and submit your application well before the date you intend to travel, as embassy and consulate processing times for visas can differ.
  • Maintain a clean criminal, financial, and medical record because these things could affect your ability to get a visa.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all foreign visitors to Malaysia must have travel and health insurance.

In summary, obtaining a Malaysia Single Entry Visa is an easy process. To avoid any last-minute problems, travellers should apply for the visa in advance and submit the application well before their anticipated departure date. People who require assistance with their visa applications can rely on visa service experts to assist them through the procedure and guarantee that their application will be approved. They can travel to Malaysia without worry if they do it this way.