Budget-friendly Malay Holiday Destinations in 2023

Malaysia has fascinated global citizens with its warm, welcoming culture and incredible habitations. Blessed with a beautiful rich heritage, awesome landscapes, and budget-friendly destinations, Malaysia offers a perfect vacation recipe for all types of budgets. If you have a backpacking Malaysia budget in mind, you need not worry. There are plenty of indulgences, activities, and rich Flavors of the culture and heritage that you can explore to enjoy a budget holiday in Malaysia. A Malaysia visit visa is a mandatory document that you would require for traveling to Malaysia. We have collated a small list of Malay destinations that you can look to explore while planning a budget holiday in Malaysia.

Budget Accommodation in Malaysia

Accommodation is one of the most important parameters for a budget vacation in Malaysia. It can play a major role in determining the state of your budget. The standard rates for a 4-6 bed hostel dorm are around 35-70 MYR each night. A hostel with 10+ beds can go even lower to 20 MYR per night. Tourist hotspots like Perhentian Islands and Cameron Highlands would be slightly higher. If you are going for a private hostel, you will have to shell around 105-130 MYR per night. Most hostels come with complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, and kitchens for cooking your food.

You can also opt for a budget hotel that will cost you around 75-90 MYR per night. The facilities include air-conditioning, complimentary breakfast, and free Wi-Fi. A slightly more luxury 3-star hotel will cost you around 200-300 MYR per night. Finally, Airbnb is a popular destination where you will get the entire apartment or place with tailored cuisines starting at 100-160 MYR per night.


Nasi Lemak

Malaysian cuisine features a mix of various diverse cultures inspired by China, India, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Rice and noodles form a staple diet. Seafood and fish are considered the most prominent accompaniments. Halal Chicken and beef are served commonly being a Muslim majority country. Other popular vegetables include lotus roots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, bean sprouts, long beans, and taro.

You can opt for street food at Hawker stalls and Kopitiam (Malay-style cafes), serving as low as 5-15 MYR, and snack dishes like 2-6 MYR. A meal in a Malaysian restaurant would cost around 10-20 MYR for a popular nasi lemak, and rojak (dough with chopped fruit) would cost you around 10-20 MYR. Opting for a bowl of soup or fried noodles can cost you around 13-17 MYR for each dish.

Fast food dishes will cost you around MYR 14 for a combo meal. Opting for other standard western meals like Pizza, pasta, burger, and sub-marine would cost 50+ MYR per dish. Western coffee drinks like cappuccino are around 8-12 MYR.

A glass of beer would be around 13-17 MYR. A glass of wine would cost around 20-27 MYR. Cocktails are a touch higher, around 20-45 MYR.

If you are looking for cooking post purchasing your groceries daily, basic staples like noodles, seasonal produce, rice, meat, and fish can cost you around 8-22 MYR.

Activities to indulge in for a budget vacation in Malaysia

Danum Valley Malaysia

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Wildlife Safari tours during the daytime would cost you around 500 MYR. Adventurous white-water rafting can cost you around 200 MYR for half a day. Water sports like diving will cost you around 550 MYR. You can book jungle treks for around 80 MYR, and national park visits can cost you around 5-15 MYR. Experienced guides can help you discover various aspects of the Malay culture. However, you will have to pay around 260 MYR per person.

The right time to visit Malaysia

Malaysia Langkawi

Malaysia welcomes two peak tourist seasons from December to January end and from June to mid-September. The end of Ramadan that comes with the Eid Al-Fitr celebrations comes during the first peak season. Many Muslims close for a week to participate in the festivities.

The northeast monsoon hits Malaysia around the end of November to February mid that impacts the east coast as it receives heavy rainfall. September and October are the wettest months of the year. The months between March and November are drier and warmer months of the year, making the lush landscape green. However, tourism is not at its peak during this season.

The average temperature hits the range between 70-90oF, while in the hills, you will get temperatures around 65-70oF. Humidity is complimentary available all through the year.

Important points to note for a budget-friendly holiday in Malaysia

Traveling by public transport

Bus travel is very easy and pocket friendly. You can easily access any part of Malaysia via bus except in eastern Malaysia or Peninsular Malaysia. Several operators offer competitive pricing, and you can get a seat easily, even for unplanned travels. In addition, English is spoken widely in Malaysia, so navigation also should not be a problem. Practice your haggling skills if you intend to travel via cab.

If you are heading to the amazing Malay islands of Langkawi and Penang. Catch a ferry as you witness the nostalgia of exploring the sea. Ferries to these islands cost a fraction of the air travel.

Cheap transfers from the airport –

You will find air-conditioned trains with complimentary Wi-Fi when you land in Kuala Lumpur. You will reach any fascinating destinations within 30-45 minutes from the airport, all at pocket-friendly ticket prices of RM 10 to RM 55. Taxis are a touch costlier, and buses are cheaper but will take more time to reach your destination.

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