Dazzle in the Beauty of Exotic Beaches of Malaysia for Your Family Vacation 2023

Malaysia is a beautiful Southeast Asian country which is home to plenty of tiny islands on its east and west coast which can give a standalone competition to its rival country for its stunning destinations. The beaches in Malaysia offers a more secluded atmosphere, unspoiled, and a wonderful experience.

With crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, surrounded by swishing tropical rainforests, and a rejuvenating atmosphere. You cannot ask for more when you are on a getaway to break the shackles of a busy city life. Below listed our top picks which would give you the best experience of beach-Malaysian adventure during your Malaysia tour. The Malaysian beaches come with an array of beautiful Malaysia beach resorts which are blessed with modern facilities to give you a complete family experience.

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Best beaches on the eastern coast of Malaysia

1.Perhentian Islands

Small islands make it a huge hit for budget travelers. With unspoiled features that are dying to be explored, you would wide a wide variety of beach huts or shacks set on the shores to track and purchase your favorite items like souvenirs, gifts, and much more. A popular destination for snorkeling and diving activities. You can even get a scuba diving certificate here in the Perhentians.


Redang Island

You can call it as one of the most expensive areas off the eastern coast, but Redang offers a true paradise like features. With a negligent residing population, you can set to discover new explorations on this island on your own. Indulge in some snorkeling or check out the beautiful sea turtles at the turtle sanctuary. The sea turtles lay their eggs on the Turtle beach which is situated towards the north of the island. Local airlines offer easy and affordable flights from Kuala Lumpur. You would be surely be left wanting for more from this stunning destination.

3.Tioman Island

Tioman Island

A perfect spot for snorkeling and diving activities, Tioman comes in the protected marine park islands of Malaysia. With an abundance of coral reefs off the northern coast of this island which is also home to colorful tropical fishes that visit the shore often. Don’t be surprised if you see tourists from Singapore greet you here as Singapore is very close to Tioman islands. With several budget-friendly hotels, easily accessible and affordable flights from Kuala Lumpur, the Tioman islands has gained tourism prominence since the end of the 20th century.

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Best beaches on the western coast of Malaysia


Malaysia duty-free version of Dubai, Langkawi is a popular tourist destination and one of the vivacious islands on the western coast. The beaches may not be as beautiful or stunning as the ones on the eastern coast, the wide variety of hotels, restaurants, and shops make it a tourist hot-spot. With availability all through the year, the monsoon cannot play spoiler for its beaches which make it an ideal visit spot all through the year.

You can indulge in some hiking activities up to the Seven Wells waterfalls located towards the north of the island or hop onto the cable car and ride to the top of the highest mountain on Langkawi. You would be in awe checking out the stunning views of the nearby islands and the ocean from the top. Langkawi has many luxurious hotels to meet the growing demands of its guests and visitors with the Four Seasons and the Datai forming the cream of the lot. A perfect destination to pamper you and your entire family.


Borneo Island

Sandwiched in between Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Borneo has gained significant prominence in the last decade or so. A hot-spot for all the diving lovers. The west coast of Borneo is home to the Golden Beach and the Turtle Beach that are housed in the Similajau National Park. Both beaches serve as a perfect atmosphere for turtle inhabitation. The park houses a wide variety of tropical wildlife, steaming jungles, waterfalls, and several species of animals. For a more adventurous experience and invigorating jungle trek, head to the natural parks of Sarawak where you can indulge in some bird watching or just relax and chill out at the beautiful beaches.

3.Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island

You can definitely not count it as one of the beautiful beaches of Malaysia, but the easy accessibility from Kuala Lumpur offers a perfect weekend getaway. With an array of large hotel chains lined up on the island, you would find more tourists at the Pangkor Beach Resort. For a more luxurious experience, head to the private island resort of Pangkor Laut. Blessed with stunning landscapes, over-water bungalows, world-class amenities, along with door-to-door transportation facilities, you can’t ask for a more luxurious experience at a beach. A perfect spot for refreshing your body and soul.



Set on the eastern coast of Borneo, Sipadan offers world-class diving facilities and probably the best in the entire Malaysia peninsular. Since the island comes in the environmental reserve area, the number of visitors is limited per day. Diving is a popular activity here in Sipadan. There is plenty to explore here as you can check out the hammerhead, whale sharks, barracuda, hawksbill turtles and manta rays. You will have to indulge in some diving to get the best experience of this beautiful island. Although snorkeling and sunbathing activities are present, diving goes on top of the list of things to do in Sipadan.

Avoid visiting the beaches during the monsoon season as it can be your trip spoiler. The month between November and March is a total spoiler for your vacation. The best time to visit these stunning destinations is in the month of April to September where you are greeted by a pleasant weather and breathtaking landscape features. With many destinations easily accessible, you need not be surprised in how you would get dazzled by the beauty of these gorgeous beaches in Malaysia.

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