Explore Tourist Attractions and Fun Things to Do in Cameron Highlands

Travellers to Malaysia typically visit Kuala Lumpur and limit their trip to a city visit. Look Beyond Kuala Lumpur’s borders, and you will find Cameron Highlands – a lush green haven in the Pahang district just 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur’s city vibes. For city dwellers, Cameron Highlands offers a refreshing escape from the balmy heat of Kuala Lumpur. Originally explored in the 19th century by William Cameron and transformed into a charming hill station with British colonial features, Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most popular hill stations. You can take a day trip to this beautiful area from the Malaysian capital and go hiking, sampling local foods as well as enjoying the beautiful scenery in a cosy ambience. As Cameron Highlands lies at 4,750 feet and is known for its tea plantations, hilly terrains, and colonial nostalgia, the region is a popular weekend getaway among locals and travellers alike. Here are the top 5 Cameron Highlands things to do for an enthralling experience In Malaysia.

Stop And Smell The Rose And Lavenders

Add some colour to your Cameron Highlands excursion. Cameron Highlands’ cool misty climate is ideal for flower blooms and there are beautiful gardens that will create a visual feast for your eyes. The Lavender Garden in Cameron Highlands makes a wonderful stop when you visit in January, with its eclectic mix of lavenders in mauve, red, yellow, lilac, and blue hues. Besides purchasing lavender-based products, you can also sample lavender-infused ice cream! Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden and its gorgeous rose terraces offer an exquisite sight. The gardens are home to more than 100 varieties of roses. These floral attractions are a must-visit place to visit in the Cameron Highlands and are perfect for taking Instagrammable candid photographs.

View The Scenic Tea Plantations

Scenic Tea Plantations Cameron Highland

Search  Cameron Highlands Malaysia on the web and your screen will be peppered with images of bright green-hued tea plantation landscapes. The Cameron Highlands is known as the country’s dominant tea-growing area. To visit this place, you don’t have to be a tea expert or a tea lover. Take advantage of the region’s natural beauty and tranquillity by visiting the region as a regular tourist. Its breathtaking panorama of rolling green hills and terraced tea gardens will leave you spellbound. However, if you love a good sip of tea, you can take a tour to understand the process of how tea is grown and harvested. You can taste different tea brews at tea tasting venues and select signature tea leaves as souvenirs. Visiting Cameron Highlands without exploring the tea estates – the most popular Cameron Highlands tourist spot – would be like leaving out part of your Malaysian adventure. BOH Tea Plantations, Bharat Tea Plantations, and Boh Sungai Palas Tea Centre are among the best tea plantation places to visit in Cameron Highlands.

Go Strawberry Picking

Fresh strawberries are a favourite to grow in Cameron Highlands thanks to its cool, misty climate, and locals and tourists alike enjoy picking strawberries. Cameron Highlands is one of the few places in Malaysia that has strawberry farms. If you are visiting during the strawberry harvesting season, you get to gear up to pluck some of them yourself! This is one of the interesting Cameron Highlands fun activities kids would love to take part in. Farms such as Raaju Hill Strawberry, Big Red Strawberry, and Healthy Strawberry are a delight to visit if you are touring Malaysia with kids. Although these are the most popular spots for strawberry plucking, you will find strawberry farms at almost every turn near  Tringkap, Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Here, you can go strawberry picking, eat fresh strawberries, or try strawberry delicacies made from them. Don’t hesitate to try fresh delicious ice cream, jam, milkshakes, cheesecakes, waffles, all of which are flavoured with freshly harvested organic strawberries.

Tuck Into The Delicious Cameron Highland’s Famous Steamboat Cuisine

There is no surprise that steamboats are found on the list of popular activities in Cameron Highlands when you search online for what to do once you are there. Some people might confuse it with cruising if they aren’t familiar with it. In Cameron Highlands, these food experiences are a speciality. Essentially, it is a version of Europe’s fondue or one-pot hot meals, and it perfectly complements the chilly weather in Cameron Highlands.  With its seamless blend of local flavours, steamboat cuisine offers a unique dining experience. It’s a food experience that lets you sample various ingredients of your choice like seafood, vegetables, tofu, meat, and mushrooms in addition to a common steaming broth or a traditional curry. OK, Tuck, Kwan Kee, and Highland Restaurant are some of the best steamboat restaurants to check out in Cameron Highlands.

Venture Into The Woodlands And Wilderness With  Jungle Expeditions

Jungle Expeditions Cameron Highland


Embrace nature at Cameron Highlands with a hike to the woodlands. Visiting the wilderness in this Malaysian region is a spellbinding and soul-soothing experience. Throughout the Cameron Highlands, you can find jungle trails of various lengths and difficulty levels, suitable for beginner and expert hikers alike. Many jungle trails start from Tanah Rata, but you can choose off-the-beaten-path trails as well. The highest point in the region is Gunung Brinchang, a trek that is especially suitable for experienced hikers. Mossy Forest, a vast area blanketed in mossy growth and a dense canopy of old evergreen forests, is a must-visit for those seeking an unforgettable experience in fairytale-like woodlands. you can find this trek while journeying through Gunung Brinchang.  The region is filled with jungle tracks that will take you up forested hills,  hazy mountains dotted with waterfalls and descent into gorgeous valleys all of which are enchanting to witness.

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