Best Honeymoon Places in Malaysia for 2024

The stunning landscapes, culture, and rich flora and fauna of Malaysia make it a unique destination for newly-married couples. Each year, tourists turn up in large numbers in this country. A significant part of it involves newly married couples. This makes Malaysia one of the top honeymoon destinations across the globe. From sightseeing to fun activities, possibilities are endless in this beautiful country.

A wide range of tourist spots in Malaysia will leave you spoiled for choice. However, you need to choose the places where you would want to go with your better half. Thus, planning is necessary if you are thinking of traveling to one of the Malaysia honeymoon places. This will help you reap the benefits of traveling to Malaysia and kick-start your married life on a high note. Here are the must-visit places in Malaysia for a honeymoon.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia

Malaysia abounds with beaches, but you will also find many other destinations in the country that are worth visiting if you are on a honeymoon trip. These include tropical rainforests and lanes.
If you are on a honeymoon trip to this nation located close to the Malay Peninsula, do not forget to stop by the places below.

1. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is famous for the statement, “it all happens in KL.” It is a city that has the best vibes for romantic couples. From restaurants to cafés and tourist attractions, it has everything; you name it.

You can go to the Batu caves for climbing on gigantic rocks or go on a shopping spree to buy the items that you always wanted to buy for yourself as well as your partner. It also has a wide range of restaurants wherein you can taste mouth-watering cuisines. In case you are fond of massages, you can also go to Chinatown or the Golden Triangle either solo or with your partner for the best massage experience.

Best time to visit: November to April
Must-visit places: Batu Caves, Petronas Towers, The Heli Lounge Bar, Kampung Baru

2. Gem Island

As the name suggests, Gem Island is a gem of an island. It is also known by the name of Palau Gem. Unlike other islands, it is owned by a private owner. As such, you can expect privacy when you are with your partner. You can enjoy the sight of clear water and a white sandy beach with your life partner. Don’t forget to carry your camera to shoot some cool pictures.

3. Mabul Island

Mabul Island

Mabul Island is not just an island with a white Sea beach, but a hidden treasure with emerald waters. Even if you have been to sea beaches before, you are likely to enjoy the experience of being on this beach. This is because, unlike most other beaches, it doesn’t give a cliché experience

When you are on the island with your better half, you can indulge in kayaking to take a look at the stunning landscapes of the island. In addition, you can also consider an adventurous escape to Tun Sakaran Marine Park. The best part about visiting Mabul Island is its white sandy beach. Even as you do not go to any of the attractive tourist spots, you can gaze at the sun and lie down for total relaxation with your partner.

Must-visit places: Bajau Laut, Regatta Lepa

4. Cameron Highlands

Cameron highland holds historical significance as it was built by the Britishers in the 1940s and was named after William Cameron, who explored this awesome highland plateau in 1885. It is an island with hill slopes, lush valleys, and tea plantations. Cameron Highlands is a cool place that gives respite from the heat. When you are in Malaysia with your partner with Malaysia Tourist Visa, do not forget to stop by this amazing place with natural beauty. You can reach this place easily from Ipoh airport. Orang Asli Villages and Mount Brinchang are the two major tourist attractions of this place. You can go on jungle treks or visit tea plantations with your partner for an invaluable experience.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Best time to visit: November to April
Must-visit places: Sam Poh Temple, Tringkap Bee Farm, Boh Tea Garden, Cameron Butterfly Park, Parit Waterfalls

5. Taman Negara

Taman Negara is 130 million years old and is believed to be one of the ancient rainforests of this planet. If you wish to spoil yourself for the choice of flora and fauna, then this is the place where you can explore the prettiest and unspoiled duo. It has breathtaking sights that can ignite the passion of newly-wed couples. The biggest advantage of coming to this destination with your spouse is that you can spend quality time with him/her in solitude. You can visit Mama Chop and Seri Mutiara Restaurant to taste mouthwatering cuisine.

Canopy walkway. Taman Negara National Park. Malaysia

Best time to visit: November to April
Must-visit places: Gua Telinga caves, Gunung Tahan, Tabing Hide, Lata Berkoh

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6. Georgetown

If you are or your better half is fond of history, you can visit Georgetown. It is the best place to visit between November and February. It has many restaurants such as Wai Kei Cafe and Sea Pearl Cafe, wherein you can enjoy mouth-watering cuisines. You can explore the city with your better half by renting a bike. If you come to this destination on a Malaysia visa, do not forget to explore the nightlife in this place

Georgetown, Penang

Best time to visit: November to April
Must visit places: Limestone Caves, temples, the art galleries, Penang Hill, Chulia Street

7. Mantanani

As the most romantic place to be added to the Malaysian honeymoon vacation packages, Mantanani is a set of three islands lost in the ocean. It is easy to reach from the capital city and is situated northwest of Kota Belud. A speed boat from the mainland that leaves daily is the best way to view this picturesque paradise waterside. As soon as you find yourself in this land of waters you will be met by splendor of crystal-clear blue, which fills the air with calm and joy. The islands found here boast a rich array of marine life and natural splendor that enhance the romantic atmosphere of the area.

By adding some adventure to your honeymoon, Mantanani will be the ideal place where you can play beach games or engage in water activities. This island is rather for wildlife and beauty, so a better option would be to bring a binocular set and go in for such activities as birdwatching.

Best time to visit: November to April

8. Borneo

Borneo is Malaysia’s most unusual and exciting place for honeymoon because of its exotic wild forests. Borneo may not be associated with luxury and free time, but it is where you can rest and enjoy the peaceful calm of nature and observe animals— such as orangutans, leopards, Irrawaddy dolphins, elephants, and crocodiles. Rare species of wild fauna are found here.

If you are pondering what to explore or have one can experience to find romance and beauty, Borneo has its variety of culture and traditionalness that will fascinate you. Visit their homes to see the joy of hospitality of the locals. Taste the genuine cuisine of Malaysia and seafood that is freshly cooked at Chinese restaurants.

Best time to visit: November to April
Must-visit places: Tiny Mamutik Island, Kinabatangan River, Perhentian Islands, Mount Kinabalu

9. Perhentian islands

Perhentian – one of the best islands in Asia, can surely become the place where you can plan the most romantic honeymoon in Malaysia. The calm and beautiful beaches give Perhentian the attraction and pleasure of having an enjoyable and quality time together with adventure. Located on the northern side of Malaysia, the island is not highly populated that is a place where you can get away from the crowd. Perhentian comprises two sets of islands the Ecil and Besar. You will therefore plan an Island-hopping tour to go about every corner.

The Perhentian island is so far from the beaches or holidays. apart from finding out about the wildlife you can enjoy the adventurous and exciting activities such as snorkeling, diving, swilling, and the beach games as well. Cafes and lounges during the night give your honeymoon trip to Malaysia added fun and spark.

Best time to visit: November to April
Must-visit places: Perhentian Island Resort, Redang Island, camping at Teluk KK

10. Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

It consists of five islands near the Borneo coast, making it the best place for honeymooners. Located near the coast of Borneo, the park is a good spot to enjoy your honeymoon in Malaysia. There are beaches and sandy coasts that will allow you to find some tender moments close to nature.

The islands here are the best that you can imagine for adventure and pleasure. You can see those bright reefs and aquatic wildlife in several beautiful diving and snorkeling spots. You can plan a ferry crossing to the islands and see the islands. In addition to going to the park, one can always go shopping and visit market spots, where one can buy different kinds of commodities. Since lodging options are scarce in this region, book ahead and book the stay.

Best time to visit: November to April

What Makes Malaysia Ideal To Plan Your Honeymoon?

  • Pocket-friendly: one of the most economical holiday destinations in Asia
  • Traveling inland is pretty cheap and there are a lot of affordable honeymoon destinations in Malaysia.
  • The places to visit in Malaysia are incredible and offer adventure too.
  • There is no language gap as English is commonly spoken, so getting around and being understood is easy
  • Perfect for luxury travelers as well as backpackers
  • The climate is wonderful, except for the monsoon months (July – Mid-September)
  • A blend of modern elements and Pan-Asian cultures is seen here.
  • Offers sun, sand, rainforests, hills, and thus, all types of adventure
  • The food is mouthwatering- influenced by various Asian cuisines

Insider information that you must know before you travel to Malaysia

  • Malaysia seems to be the most affordable place to plan a trip to celebrate your love. It has hotels and lodges that offer cheap and comfortable stays. The domestic and even the flights to reach Malaysia do not cost a lot. The expenditure per honeymooner couple in general is 70 to 80 thousand INR. Even transport in Malaysia is convenient and cost-effective.
  • The country of Malaysia has beautiful and serene beaches. The white shimmering sand and the clear blue water add to the beauty. Tourists enjoy various fun activities, sail on a lovely cruise boat, or enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset.
  • The weather is quite moderate. Extreme hot and cold temperatures are not experienced here. It is a coastal country surrounded by the Andaman and China Sea. Except for monsoons, Malaysia seems the best place to celebrate your togetherness.
  • There is an inter-mixing of modern elements and cultures.

The culture influences Indian, European, and Chinese traditions. Also, there is a Western effect noticed here due to the presence of bars, clubs, and beach parties that make up the honeymoon mood.


To sum up, Malaysia is a honeymoon destination with exciting possibilities for newly married couples. From sea beaches to restaurants and tropical rainforests, it offers numerous interesting things to see and do for you and your better half. If you plan to visit this wonderful destination with your better half, consider including the aforementioned places in your scheme of things.

FAQ’s About Malaysia on Honeymoon

If you are planning to visit Malaysia on a honeymoon when would be the best time?

Except for monsoons, the rest of the seasons are not extreme and are ideal for couples.

Which are the top places for your honeymoon tour?

Top places include
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • George Town
  • Pangkor Island
  • Perhentian island
  • Cameron Highlands

Where can I stay in Borneo?

Borneo though is not famous for its luxurious city life, it is best if you want to stay close to nature for some time.
  • The Loft Imago
  • ibis Balikpapan
  • Swiss-Belinn Singkawang
  • Mercure Banjarmasin
  • Midtown Hotel Samarinda
  • Ulu Ulu Resort

How many islands are there in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a coastal place and has numerous magnificent beaches.
  • Lankayan Island
  • Selingan Turtle Island
  • Rawa Island
  • Mataking Island
  • Kapas Island
  • Tenggol Island

What fun activities can you do in Malaysia?

Malaysia can be visited to be a part of many fun activities.
  • Go on island hopping
  • Try water adventures
  • Beach activities
  • Wildlife watching in Kinabatangan River
  • Admire the beauty of sprawling tea estates

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