Penang Bird Park – An Enchanting Attraction in Malaysia

Penang bird park Malaysia

It is no news that Malaysia is a destination where you go to mingle with nature. This is the land where you can find exquisite wildlife, bird life, and verdant wilderness. If you are making a trip to Malaysia, don’t miss a trip to the largest bird sanctuary in the country – The Penang Bird Park. Founded long back in 1988, the bird park is an exciting addition to Malaysia trips, especially for visitors travelling with children. Here is a brief overview of this unique Malaysian destination that you should include in your trip to Malaysia.

Penang Bird Park – An Overview

Located in Seberang Jaya, Penang Bird Park is Malaysia’s first-ever bird park and a charming sanctuary to more than 3000 birds of various species. The entire area covers 5 acres and includes a carefully planned floral garden, waterfalls, fish ponds, and verdant arenas to suit the bird’s natural environment and provide a calming sight to visitors. To keep birds of the same species and characteristics together, Penang Bird Park is split into different zones. You may discover almost every type of bird here, from tiny canaries to ostriches, the largest bird on the planet. If you enjoy watching birds, this is a wonderful location to see some of the world’s rarest and most unusual bird species. Aside from birds, there is also a small section consisting of exotic animals such as mouse deer, turtles, cotton-eared marmosets, and crocodiles. Given that it is a year-round destination, Penang Bird Park is a fantastic choice to include in a Malaysian vacation. Additionally, this magnificent park contains endearing Malay huts, cute bridges, a restaurant, and a souvenir shop where you can get mementos to cherish your trip.

Main highlights of the bird park

Walk-in Aviaries

Two impressive walk-in aviaries at this bird sanctuary display a variety of sunbirds, parakeets, hornbills, and pheasants. These two aviaries provide an environment that is comparable to that of our feathered friend’s original habitat in order to keep them cosy and content.

Bird Shows

The bird shows are one of the highlights that both children and adults enjoy at this venue. Watch as parrots and other smart birds entertain you with their acrobatics and tricks. Here, you can also take part in a bird feeding session and allow the birds to perch on your shoulders and pet them.

Bird ponds

Bird ponds Malaysia

Watching flamingos, pelicans, swans, egrets, ducks, and storks swim and fly over lush ponds is another breath-taking sight to behold. Water lilies and lotus beautify the ponds, which also shelter some exotic colourful fish. The Chinese wooden bridges across the ponds are excellent places to take in the scenery and even snap some Instagram-worthy photos.

Flamingo Cottage and Souvenir shop

The Flamingo Cottage, a charming restaurant in the bird park, provides a tranquil setting for guests to unwind and enjoy some delectable Malaysian cuisine. Additionally, there is a souvenir shop inside the park that sells a wide range of South Asian products, including sculptures from coconuts, Malaysia Pewter artifacts, crafted seashells, and much more. This is where you can acquire something special to remember your fantastic experience at Penang Bird Park.

Penang Bird Park timing

This bird park is open every day, of the year including public holidays. The Penang Bird Park opening hours is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. One can easily spend 2 to 4 hours strolling and admiring the sights of these magnificent birds in this beautiful park.

Penang bird park ticket prices

Penang bird park entrance fee is just 45 Malaysian Ringgits for adults and 20 Malaysian Ringgits for kids under the age of 12 years.

How to reach Penang Bird Park

One thing to keep in mind when planning a trip to Penang Bird Park attraction is that, despite being close to the Penang region, it is not on Penang Island where visitors usually flock to view Georgetown and the colonial heritage. The Penang Bird Park is nestled away near Serbaya Jaya’s Jalan Todok and stretches on Malaysia’s mainland peninsula. Since Georgetown and Bird Park are both located in Penang and are 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur, it is advised to arrange a stay for a few days in Penang to see Georgetown and other sights before visiting Bird Park. The bird sanctuary is within a 30-minute drive from Georgetown via Jambatan Pulau Pinang/E36. Penang Bird Park is also accessible through public buses.


Penang is a fascinating region with a range of natural and cultural features in Malaysia. While Georgetown’s historical surroundings reflect the history and bygone ages, Penang Bird Park redirects your attention to the mystifying nature’s wonders in the form of feathered, vibrant birds. The Penang Bird Park is one of the most popular sights and is definitely worth to visit if you are planning a trip to Malaysia in the future.

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