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Simple Steps That Explain How to Obtain a visit visa for Malaysia in Dubai

Malaysia – even the mention of this amazing destination sends ripples. Considered as a lively country, Malaysia has some of the most sought after tourist destination set among beautiful locales. Malaysia tourism facilities too are excellently maintained so as to provide travelers with ease of getting here, roaming around, engagingRead More …

How to avoid visa rejection of Malaysia?

Malaysia has often attracted tourists from all over the globe. The wonderful destinations and breathtaking views of this place are definitely worth a watch. Moreover, the tourism facilities rendered by the Government of Malaysia have ensured that travelers are left with plenty on their plate when they come here onRead More …

Entry Into Malaysia for Non UAE & UAE Citizens

Malaysia has welcomed tourists and guests from all around the globe. In the year 2015 itself, there have been close to 25.7 million tourist arrivals which are worth 69.1 billion receipts. The weather and the mix of several cultures have made Malaysia one of the favorite holiday or business destinations.

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