Things to Do in Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most visited cities in Southeast Asia. Home to several amazing architectural marvels like the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer its visitors. However, when you want to take a break from the hustle bustle of city life, you do not have to travel too far. Right in the middle of the city is the Lake Gardens, a haven of natural beauty and greenery. Also known as the Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park, this recreational park was established in 1888. Spanning around an area of 91.6 hectares, the Lake Gardens is more than just a part to stroll around. In fact, there are numerous interesting things that you can do at Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur.

lake gardens kuala lumpur

Top Things to do in Lake Gardens

Before you plan your visit to Kuala Lumpur and the Lake Gardens, it is important to book your tickets and get your Malaysia visa. Make hotel reservations as well so that you can enjoy a comfortable stay. With that note, here are some of the best things that you can do in Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur Deer Park


Head to the Deer Park located inside the Lake Gardens to meet different types of deer. Spread around an area of 2-hectares, the Deer Park is home to a variety of deer including mousedeer, axis, fallow, and sambhar deer. Apart from seeing and photographing the inhabitants of this park, you would also get the chance to feed them by buying food from the entrance of the park. Visiting the Deer Park at Lake Gardens is a free activity as the place does not require you to pay any entry fee.

National Planetarium


Located on a small hill in Lake Gardens, the National Planetarium is a building adorned by a blue dome. It was opened in 1993 and a great place where children can learn about the Earth and the universe. The planetarium has several interactive exhibits which are not only educational but also fun. You would also enjoy the Space Theatre, where you can watch generic documentaries as well as IMAX international science and space films. There is also an Observatory Park, where you can see different models of the Chinese and Indian astronomy systems.

National Museum of Malaysia


Built in 1963, the National Museum of Malaysia gives you the chance to learn about the country’s history, geography, arts, culture, crafts, and economy through some interesting exhibits. The building of the museum is in itself quite interesting. As you reach the museum, you would be welcomed by the traditional Minangkabau-style roof. You would also be able to see two large murals of Italian glass mosaic on either sides of the main entrance. These murals represent the major cultural and historical activities of the country.

Malaysian National Monument

Known to be the tallest freestanding bronze sculpture grouping in the world, the Malaysian National Monument is 15 meter-high and depicts seven soldiers standing and supporting their fallen comrades. This monument was built to commemorate the soldiers that died during World War I, World War II, and the Emergency (which lasted 12 years). The Malaysian National Monument symbolizes the sacrifice, courage, suffering, strength, leadership, unity and vigilance of the soldiers who lost their lives during these wars.

National Mosque of Malaysia


Spread in an area of 13 acres, the National Mosque of Malaysia has the capacity to accommodate 15,000 people. It has a main prayer hall along with 48 smaller domes, a 16-point start concrete main roof, and a 73-meter-tall minaret. You would find fine example of Islamic art and calligraphy on different parts of the mosque, including on its roofs and ironworks. You would also find verses of Koran inscribed on the walls of the Grand Hall. While non-Muslims are allowed inside the premises during certain times of the day, it is important to dress modestly while visiting the mosque.

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park


The Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is a fascinating place where you would get to see more than 6000 butterflies, belonging to 120 species. While walking along the 7000 square meters of the park, you would find colorful butterflies fluttering around you. The park has numerous ponds that has beautiful waterfalls and fountains, which is home to freshwater turtles and Japanese koi fish. You must also checkout the breeding area, where you would get to see butterfly larvae coming out of their cocoons. Apart from the butterflies you would also get see other types of insects like praying mantis and rhinoceros beetles here.

Islamic Arts Museum


Known to be the largest Islamic art museum in Southeast Asia, the Islamic Arts Museum is where you can find Islamic decorative arts from around the world. The museum has an exhibition hall that is spread around 30,000 square meters. Here, you would find more than 7000 artefacts, divided into 12 themes, which include Islamic architecture, Quran & manuscripts, textiles, metalwork, coins and seals, jewelry, ceramics, etc. You would also find models of several famous mosques of the world, include the Sacred Mosque in Mecca and the Great Mosque of Xian in China.

Perdana Botanical Garden


The Perdana Botanical Garden is perhaps one of the most important sections of the Lake Gardens. A green space, this botanical garden is a show garden that adapts the environment of a tropical garden. Walk around the garden and you would get to enjoy the beauty of a Hibiscus garden, an orchid garden and a Sunken Garden as well. It is also a great place for walking or jogging. You can also indulge in some exercises here. One of the best things to do here is enjoy a picnic in the afternoon while enjoying the natural beauty of the place.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park


Covering an area of 20.9 acres, the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is known to be the largest covered bird park in the world. Established in 1991, this bird park has over 3000 birds belonging to 200 species. You would find a variety of local and foreign birds here, including crowned pigeons, different species of parrots (macaws, lories, parakeets, cockatoos, etc.), Indian peacocks, flamingos, hornbills, storks, thrushes, finches, eagles, ostriches, etc. This bird park is divided into four zones, the first two being free-flying aviaries, while the third is the zone belonging to seven varieties of hornbills. The fourth zone is where you would find a variety of birds in different cages. The Bird Park is a beautiful place to spend listening to the chirping and tweeting of the birds.

The Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur offers numerous places to visit and things to do. In fact, you can easily spend an entire day here without getting bored even for a moment. So, do make it a point to visit the amazing Lake Gardens to enjoy the natural beauty of Kuala Lumpur.

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