Top Tourist Things to Do and Places to Visit in Putrajaya 2023

On your visit to Malaysia, you will surely visit its beaches, caves, and rainforests. You will also visit Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, with its colonial buildings, busy shopping districts, and skyscrapers. One of the unmissable cities while traveling in Malaysia with your Malaysia visit visa, is its administrative capital, Putrajaya.

Why Should You not Miss Putrajaya?

 Putrajaya was developed as a garden city with an expansive, meandering man-made lake and areas devoted to parks, botanical gardens, and wetlands. There are plenty of places to visit and experience in beautiful Putrajaya. Some of the best things to do in Putrajaya are given below.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya:


One of the most interesting ways to sightsee Putrajaya is through a cruise around scenic Putrajaya Lake. You can choose between a traditionally handcrafted gondola or an air-conditioned cruise boat. As you sit back and relax, admire the magnificent views of the Putra Mosque, Seri Wawasan Bridge, and Perdana Putra or the Prime Minister’s office. The cruise package can be tailored to suit your convenience and can include sightseeing, dining, and entertainment.

Visit Putra Mosque:


The Putra Mosque with its 380-feet tall minaret, a beautifully decorated pink granite dome, blue-tinted windows, and carved wooden doors, is situated on the edge of Putrajaya Lake. The pink granite domes are intricately carved. You can observe the influence of Persian Islamic designs in its architecture. The men’s prayer hall is huge and impressive and can accommodate 8000 worshippers at a time. The women’s prayer hall on the second floor can hold 2000 at a time. The lady visitors are provided pink robes if they are not dressed conservatively.

Indulge in Water Sports at Marina Putrajaya:


This is a lakeside complex that can be used by anyone on paying for the facilities. The main attractions are water sports like water skiing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, dragon boat racing, sailing, etc. Lessons are available for beginners. If you are lucky you may even witness international waterski championship events here. The indoor swimming pool and gym are other attractions. If you are there on a Saturday, you get to see the dancing fountain along with other fun activities for a family evening.

 Walk along the Putrajaya Lake:

Putrajaya Lake is a 600-hectare manmade lake bordered by landscaped parks and buildings. Putrajaya Lake was made to act as a natural cooling system to this region, especially during the drier, humid months of the year. It is a popular spot for water sports and activities. It also connects various neighboring cities to Putrajaya and enables trade routes. Putrajaya Lake has served as an important center for many international water sporting activities. Walk along the lake and enjoy the views. Enjoy a boat ride on the lake.

 Tour the Seri Perdana:

Seri Perdana is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is a huge, lavishly built structure and the architecture is heavily influenced by traditional Malay, Muslim, and European styles. The ministers and higher officials work here in the office complex. Tours are conducted of the palatial residence several times a day. There is a huge flower garden just behind Seri Perdana with a large variety of roses and hibiscus. The mini children’s park attached to this is a huge attraction as it abounds with tiny, playful butterflies.

Explore Putrajaya Wetlands Park:


This Wetlands Park, also known as Taman Wetlands, is the largest artificially constructed freshwater wetlands. The park is spread across a large area of 138 hectares and is home to some of the rarest indigenous species of flora and fauna growing in this region.  This rainforest acts as the green lungs of the nation. It is also one of the most popular birdwatching sites in the city as it is home to more than 100 bird species. These wetlands are a popular ecotourism destination. Visit the Nature Interpretation Centre – a mini-museum, to know how wetlands work.

 Enjoy the View from the Top of the Millennium Monument:


This is a 68m tall monument in the shape of an obelisk. This is the second National Monument built and is inspired by the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. You can walk up the multilevel platform but cannot enter the Obelisk itself. When viewed from above, the Monument looks like a hibiscus flower. As you walk up the ramp, you pass a series of engraved glass panels. These panels depict important milestones in Malaysia’s history in chronological order. The view from the top of the Millennium Monument shows Putrajaya at its best. The waterfront park near here is where several of Putrajaya’s major annual events take place.

Admire the Putrajaya Botanical Garden:


Putrajaya Botanical Garden, also called Taman Botani, is the biggest botanical garden in Malaysia. The garden is divided into eight botanical themes. Do not miss the Explorer’s Trail, Palm Hill with over 50 species of palm trees, Sun Gardens, Floral Gardens, and the Lakeside. Besides floral attractions, the garden has an ethnobotany and conservation sector that plants crops and endangered wild plants for research and conservation purposes. You also find the Moroccan Pavilion here, inspired by Moroccan heritage and architecture.

If you are traveling to Putrajaya from Kuala Lumpur, there are plenty of bus and railway services. But in Putrajaya, you may have to travel by private car or taxi. Though you can visit the attractions of Putrajaya in a day, you really need another day to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this garden city that has almost 40 percent covered with green areas and wetlands to preserve its ecosystem.

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