Singapore vs Malaysia – Which Is The Better Destination in 2021

The years 2020 and 2021 have been critical to the tourism industry as the pandemic has affected it the most. So if you are planning a visit to Southeast Asia and are confused between visiting Singapore or Malaysia then read on to find the better destination.


malaysia visa
malaysia visa

Let us take the visa first. The Malaysia visa has to be applied at least a month before the date of travel. You may have to put in a personal appearance at their center. In due course, you will get the visa. For Singapore too, you need to apply for the visa but citizens of 15 countries including India qualify for a Singapore eVisa.

When to visit:

Singapore can be visited any time of the year. But the best time to visit is from December to June. Singapore receives rainfall almost throughout the year and has high humidity. The rainy season is from November to January, and November is generally the wettest month. December and January are also the coolest months here.

Malaysia, on the other hand, enjoys tropical weather, and it is never too hot or too cold any time of the year. The mountainous regions do experience cooler weather. The country gets tropical rains.  he west coast areas like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Langkawi have a monsoon season that runs from March to April, and the best time to visit is from May to July. To visit Borneo, the best time is from March to October, when it is dry. The east and west coasts have opposite weather, and it is best to find out about the same once you decide which places you should visit. Generally, December to September are the best months to visit here.


Though flights to both Singapore and Malaysia are cheap, Singapore hotel accommodation is more expensive as compared to Malaysian hotels. You can get good deals if you book directly from the hotel websites. Food is also more expensive in Singapore as compared to Malaysia.

Places of interest:

Petrosains Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is famous for its beaches and rainforests. Visit Kuala Lumpur and experience its Malay, Indian, and Chinese cultural and culinary diversity. The Perhentian islands are another famous destination. Then there is the Borneo rainforest for a unique experience. The other islands and national parks with their native animals and the beaches all make for a special holiday. Malaysia has all kinds of beaches with white sands and turquoise waters like Redang Island and Langkawi.

Singapore doesn’t have such beaches but it has Sentosa Island’s artificial beaches. Singapore is a modern country and has creative architecture like the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Go up to the top and enjoy the view of the city. Enjoy the modern glasshouses or take a cruise on a traditional bumboat and see the city’s mascot, the Merlion Statue. Enjoy the flavors of India in Little India and of China in Chinatown. The first UNESCO Heritage Site in Singapore – The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a delight to explore. Even the Gardens by the Bay have absolutely unique conservatories. There are plenty of attractions in this city-state.

 Safety and Transport:

Malaysia is a relatively safe country. In Malaysia, taxi drivers do overcharge the tourists but public transport is reliable and inexpensive. Public transport systems are buses, light-rail transit, monorail, express rail link, and commuter rail.

 Singapore has the distinction of having one of the lowest crime rates in the world and is also considered one of the safest. Also, it has a good public transport system. The visitors can easily travel on their own as most of the places can be reached by bus or the mass rapid transit system (MRT), trains. With frequent buses, the MRT, and instructions in English, traveling is easy in Singapore. Taxi fares are displayed and affordable.

If you are going on a visit to Southeast Asia, then look at your budget, the days you have, and the places you wish to visit. If you are on your honeymoon, a family trip or a couple’s visit, and are on a tight budget, Malaysia is always better as here, transportation, accommodation, and food are all cheaper. If you desire gorgeous natural scenery, environment, rainforests, beaches, unique wildlife, then pick Malaysia. The people here are friendly and hospitable too. So, you can expect a glorious, memorable and fantastic visit.

You should select Singapore if you are not restricted by a budget. You can have a wonderful time visiting the ultra-modern, futuristic architectural attractions in Singapore.  As English is the official language here, tourists find it easy to navigate their way around this bustling city. But Singapore is expensive, and the law and regulations have to be strictly followed here otherwise, there are heavy penalties.

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