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Malaysia overview

Malaysia is a developing economy in the Southeast Asia region. Malaysia is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The Malaysian government has invested a lot on diversifying the economy of Malaysia and the results are there to see. Tourism has been a significant contributor to the foreign exchange income. Malaysian population consists of mainly three ethnic races i.e. Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Malaysia shopping and Malaysia food is something which every tourists and visitor should indulge in considering the endless diversity on display. The climate in Malaysia is generally hot and humid all through the year. Malaysia travel is highlighted through the cool hideouts located in the highlands near the warm sandy beaches of Malaysia. So get in touch with your local tour operator and get the best package for your Malaysia holidays.

About Malaysia Visa

The type and duration of the visa issued would depend on the purpose of your travel. Citizens and nationals of some countries do not require a visa for traveling to Malaysia. Malaysia visit visa is a key requirement for tourists and visitors who wish to visit Malaysia. There are guidelines set by the Consulate General of Malaysia for visa processing and approval procedures. Familiarity and clarity to these visa requirements for Malaysia will help eliminate any risks or hassles which would delay your visa processing. The processing time for a Malaysia visit visa is generally 5-6 working days from the submission of the required documents along with the filled up visa application form. We recommend you should apply for a Malaysia visa well in time before your scheduled date of travel to avoid any last minute hassles. Several tour operators provide Malaysia visa assistance and guide you through the entire process of your Malaysian visa process.

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Malaysia Visa Service Providers

When you get a personal touch to all your queries and clarifications for your travel to Malaysia, a great holiday is a sure shot guarantee. is a division of Rayna tours are one of the few Malaysia visa service providers who specialize in providing Malaysian visa assistance to tourists and operators. Our team of trained and dedicated team of experts has several decades’ years of experience in handling visa processing and approval cases, ranging from the simplest ones to the most complicated ones. We ensure that all barriers created for traveling to a foreign location like Malaysia are eliminated through our visa services. We guide you from the very first step of your visa application right from pick up & drop off your mandatory documents required for your visa application. Contact our experts to know more about how to plan your travel & visa to Malaysia and get the best of the amazing scenery and natural wonders in this beautiful country.