Malaysia Tourist Visa

Being one among the top favoured destinations for an Asian holiday, Malaysia enchants its visitors with a dizzying mix of eclectic elements - right from dynamic cities, pristine rainforests, amazing beaches, fascinating attractions and recreational spaces along with a lip-smacking range of cuisine and rich cultural fusion. A popular destination that suits all types of travellers - Malaysia offers extraordinary experiences in stunning settings. As with any travel planning, for a Malaysia holiday, one requires a valid Malaysia tourist visa to enter the country. However, visitors from a majority of countries such as USA, European Union countries, Canada, Australia, UAE to name a few do not need a Malaysia visa for short term travels to Malaysia. Citizens of countries that are not listed in the visa exempt list have to apply for a visa to Malaysia to gain entry into the country. Hence expatriates living in UAE need to verify if they need to apply for a valid Malaysia visa before their travel. A visa without reference is needed for social, tourist visits.


Citizens of India, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia, Montenegro and Sri Lanka can apply for eVISA if applying from their country of citizenship. If their country of residence is different from their country of citizenship, then they will be eligible to apply for Malaysia eVISA only if their country of residence is registered in the list of countries approved to get eVISA services. This type of Malaysia visit visa offers single entry visa for one time visit into Malaysia for a maximum stay of 30 days after which no extension is allowed. The validity of eVISA is 3 months. Upon arrival at Malaysian check points, the applicant will need to present a valid eVISA printout along with proof of sufficient funds such as cash, travellers cheque, international debit or credit cards to cover expenses during the stay in Malaysia, confirmed return flight ticket, travel itinerary and hotel vouchers or any other proof of accommodation. eVISA processing takes two working days excluding weekends and public holidays.

Malaysia Visa Only For U.A.E Inhabitants

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eNTRI for Indian Nationals

For India nationals, there is also an option of applying for Electronic Travel Registration and Information (eNTRI) which provides entry to Indian nationals into Malaysia under the Visa Waiver Programme. An eNTRI Note will be issued that validates a single entry journey for Indian nationals staying in India as well as Indian expatriates residing all over the world (excluding Singapore) into Malaysia for maximum 15 days for tourism purpose only. An eNTRI Note is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance and this should be presented upon arrival in Malaysia. Applicant need to apply for eNTRI registration at least 48 hours before departure to Malaysia. Also, they have to ensure that they enter via direct flight or transit via Singapore, Thailand or Brunei by air or land transport to specifically assigned entry points in Malaysia and also have a return flight ticket back to India, Singapore, Thailand or Brunei.

The following documents are needed for eVISA and eNTRI application:

  • A valid passport with 6 months validity from the date of travel.
  • Recent passport sized photo with white background
  • Confirmed return flight reservations
  • Birth certificate of minor applicants
  • Proof of accommodation during the stay
  • Other documents required depending on applicant's country

For citizens of countries who are not applicable for visa free entry, eVISA, and eNTRI services:

For applicants from countries that are listed to acquire a valid Malaysia tourist visa before visiting the country as well as those who need multiple entry visa need to apply for the same and submit an application with required documents for visa approval within 1 month from the date of travel.

The documents needed for visa application are as listed below:

  • Passport valid for at least 9 months from the date of return with blank pages for visa stamping.
  • A duly filled and signed Malaysia visa application form without any errors and omissions.
  • Confirmed air tickets details (onward & return) within 30 days from entry into Malaysia.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs against a white background with matte finish. The specifications should be height 45mm x width 35 mm with front view and face size should be 70% of the photo. Ears, neck & shoulder should be visible, and no head accessories, hats, spectacles are allowed. The photo should be without border and without any markings or damage. The photographs should not be older than 3 months.
  • Cover letter regarding the purpose of travel.
  • Bank statements of last 6 months transactions to show financial security for the entire duration of Malaysia trip.
  • Occupational details like salary slip, leave sanction letter.
  • If the first port of entry is Singapore and then Malaysia, a copy of valid Singapore visa is required to be submitted.
  • Visa Fees.


  • Having a valid Malaysia visa does not assure the visitor an entry into Malaysia as it is subjected to the approval of the Department of Immigration Malaysia at the Malaysian entry-exit points.
  • The applicant’s visa details should exactly match with the documents and information provided during visa processing. In the case of any discrepancy or errors, the visa will not be deemed valid. If the applicant has received the visa and then realized about the changes or errors in the visa, then he or she will have to re-apply for a new visa.
  • Malaysia Visa fee varies by nationality and applicant's location, the same will be confirmed when an applicant will apply for the desired type of Malaysian visa.

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