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Undoubtedly Malaysia is one among the popular holiday destinations in Asia, but the country with its impressive dynamism and vigour for growth has also been a beacon for innovative and enthusiastic business venture from around the globe. Over the years, Malaysia has seen a massive influx from business segments who visit the country to find opportunities for future aspects of their business, attend meetings, seminars, and conferences that will be fruitful for their ventures. The dual advantage of visiting Malaysia on commercial purpose is that visitors can complete their business commitments and later enjoy the enticing assortment of tropical beaches, lush rainforests and highlands, gorgeous cities, countryside and its tourist attractions before wrapping up their tour and heading back to their home country, thus getting a dose of leisure and relaxation balanced harmoniously with business obligations. Here are some useful guidelines that will help you get a better knowledge and understanding on what is required for acquiring Malaysia business visa without any hassles.

Basic requirements for anyone who wants to enter Malaysia is as follows:

  • The visitor should be clear on the purpose of visit and should not exceed their stay beyond the stipulated duration allowed on their visa along with any extension already given.
  • The visitor should have valid travel documents.
  • The visitor should have sufficient funds covering the duration of stay in Malaysia.
  • The visitor who requires a visa to enter Malaysia must apply and obtain a visa in advance prior to their travel and should be in possession of a valid Malaysia visa before entering the country.
  • The visitor should have a confirmed return ticket back to his home country or any other destination showing that the visitor will exit the country at the end of his stay in Malaysia.
  • The visitor should be of a moral character, should not pose any health risks and should not have any legal or criminal violations in his name.

For business purpose, visitors can travel to Malaysia on a single entry visa or multiple entry visa.

Documents required for applying Malaysia Business Visa

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months from the date of travel and at least 2 blank pages for visa stamping. Handwritten passports will be rejected.
  • A visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant in the correct format, without any errors and omissions.
  • Two recent colour photographs with the specifications of height 45mm x width 35 mm with white background and without a border. The applicant’s face should be front viewing with no head gear or accessories other than those needed on religious grounds. The applicant’s face should be clearly visible and cover around 70% of the photograph. The photograph should be in neutral lighting and without any markings or damage.
  • Proof of accommodation and duration of stays such as a copy of flight ticket, travel itinerary, hotel reservation vouchers or address of the place of stay during the trip.
  • Proof of country of residence, if applicable.
  • A letter of invitation from the host company in Malaysia or sponsor clarifying the purpose of travel, the length of stay and contact information.
  • A letter from applicant’s company verifying employment status or position in the company and stating the duration and purpose of applicant’s visit to Malaysia. The letter should also indicate who is financially responsible for the applicant’s trip.
  • Proof of sufficient funds such as a copy of last 3 months bank statement, Travellers cheque and cash to be carried into Malaysia.
  • If the first port of entry is Singapore and then Malaysia, a copy of valid Singapore Visa is required to be submitted.
  • Visa Fees - it varies from country to country and will be advised at the time of visa application.

Usually, it takes about 5 working days excluding weekends and public holidays to process Malaysia business visa. There could be delays in processing if the supporting documents are not given properly or due to any other observation of the consulate.


  • Incomplete, misleading or incorrect information, discrepancy in the application and supporting documents will lead to rejection of the application and visa will not be allowed to the applicant.
  • A valid visa to Malaysia does not mean that the applicant will get guarantee to be allowed to enter Malaysia. The final decision solely lies with the immigration officer at the Malaysian entry point who can decide whether a person should enter Malaysia or not. A person can be denied entry into the country in case the immigration officer finds any new information, incongruity regarding the visa or any reason that may be deemed as a risk for the citizens of Malaysia.

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