6 Major Reasons for Why You Should Visit Malaysia During the Off-season Period

Steeped in multicultural essence and brimming with dynamic cities, dramatic landscapes, lush rainforests, gorgeous beaches and idyllic isles, Malaysia is a destination of many experiences.

Nestled in the South East of Asia’s equatorial region, Malaysia is a sprawling country that offers a scintillating fusion of thrilling attractions, sights, culture, and cuisines. However, like all destinations, visit Malaysia during peak season and you find that you have to shell out more than your budget for a delightful Malaysian holiday. However, Malaysia can offer you a splendid holiday experience during its offseason, all you need to know is when to visit and where to go in Malaysia. Here’s why travelling to Malaysia in low season would be favorable for you. Get your Malaysia tourist visa before planning the all stuff in off season.

1.Cheaper flight ticket costs

Malaysia Airline

Air ticket prices are one of the main factors visitors observe when planning a holiday trip. During peak seasons, flight ticket prices shoot up and eat away most of your holiday budget. One main advantage of travelling in the low season is that air ticket prices are less expensive and affordable in a way that won’t break your budget. And since the flights have fewer travellers, you may even get lucky with a free upgrade to a higher class.

2.Easy availability and low-cost accommodation options

Malaysia Accommodation

During peak seasons, you would find it difficult to book your choice of hotel accommodations as reservations fill up faster and most hotels and resorts are sold out. Even in terms of prices, you will find that you have to book quite early in the year to enjoy favourable deals. During low seasons, since tourist influx is low, there are plenty of choices open for you to decide which type of hotel or resort you would like for stay during your vacation. Moreover, hotels and resorts offer heavy discounts with special promotions to boost their sales during low season months. It is the best time to take advantage of these price cuts and enjoy your time in leisure at a swanky hotel of your choice.

3.Enjoy your favourite Malaysian attractions without any waiting time

The prime reason you should avoid visiting Malaysia during peak period is that it is overwhelmingly crowded. Peak seasons in Malaysia is during December till February which has the most number of festivals and public holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa to name a few. Malaysia is popular as a family destination and the peak seasons usually see a large number of families flocking to major attractions and popular places due to school holidays. This, in turn, leads to famous attractions and theme parks getting crowded and chaotic. During low seasons, there is a lesser crowd which means no long queues and waiting time. You can explore the Petronas Twin Towers, Genting Highlands, Legoland Water Park, KidZania, Sunway Lagoon in a hassle-free, comfortable pace.

4.Explore the verdant, scenic Malaysian rain-forests

Rainforest Landscape, Malaysia

Malaysia is usually hot and humid throughout the year. Low season in Malaysia generally has drizzling bouts of monsoon showers. While you can spend the day at the beaches in Malaysia, you may have to watch the tides if it is favourable to enter the waters. However, Malaysia being rich in forest and foliage, these light rains transform the landscape into a refreshing, green-hued, scenic panorama. If you are all right with some rains and are a nature lover, then this is the time for you to visit the lush rainforests of Malaysia. Head for an extraordinary nature expedition at the Cameron Highlands and Sarawak Nature reserves to reconnect with nature and witness the exotic wilderness and wildlife up close. A guided tour takes you through well-travelled, gentle hiking paths where you can marvel at beautiful waterfalls and spot Orangutans and many exotic birds and animals.

5.Explore Malaysian points of interests at your own pace

Low Seasons in Malaysia take away the pressure of hectic travel planning. Usually, on a holiday trip, every visitor wants to visit the same attractions which result in very few places to visit in Malaysia where there won’t be stifling crowds. Without the overwhelming crowd all around you, you can take your time, plan a pleasant and laid-back trip and have endless options to choose where to go and what things to do in Malaysia. You can choose a better location for your stay at lower prices, from where popular attractions are just minutes away. Also, the service is smoother and the staff is much friendlier due to lack of crowds.  It also gives you a chance to indulge in the local culture. If you have been longing to visit Georgetown in Penang and enjoy its rustic sights at leisure, then the off-season period is perfect to saunter around this gorgeous town.

6.Cherish unique, authentic Malaysian experiences

The locals are at much ease when their cities and towns are not swarmed with international tourists. Low seasons are a great time to visit Malaysia for authentic experiences, where you not only explore the destination but also discover unique locations that most travellers do not visit on a Malaysia trip. Rather than visiting Petronas Tower in a hurry so that you can move to your next tourist attraction, you can explore the neighbourhood and stumble upon some delightful sights such as Merchant Lane at Petaling Street, Perdana Botanical Gardens and the Street Art along the River Klang. It is also an ideal time to meet new people, mingle with locals and explore their culture and lip-smacking cuisines.

Getting Malaysia visa requirements sorted and planning your Malaysian trip will turn futile if you do not take the weather conditions into consideration while travelling to Malaysia.  Low Seasons in Malaysia can be amazing in terms of budget but travelling in certain months in Malaysia during the off-season can prove as a disastrous experience because of the weather. It is usual for Malaysia to experience occasional rainfall throughout the year so it is essential to be prepared for a rainy day on your trip. The best time to visit Malaysia is from April to August when there isn’t much rainfall and the peak season crowd is slowly ebbing away. However, you will have to take into consideration of the customs of holy Ramadan month that falls in these months as Malaysia is an Islamic country and it is expected for travellers to respect the traditions during this holy month. If you are specially looking for the cheapest time to travel in Malaysia then plan your holiday around mid-February to mid-May when most public holidays are over and kids are still attending school. To sum up, you need not be anxious about travelling in the off-season to Malaysia, on the contrary, it is an excellent way to save money and have fun in a comfortable way.

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