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14 Fascinating Facts on Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers are the iconic landmark of Kuala Lumpur city and Malaysia. In fact, no visitor would miss visiting the Petronas Twin Towers if they are in Kuala Lumpur. The famous buildings have been dominating the city skyline of Kuala Lumpur since 1998. Here are a few interestingRead More …

10 Best Things to do in Ipoh, Malaysia

heritage buildings of Ipoh

A typical Malaysian holiday starts at Kuala Lumpur and takes you to the most popular places like Georgetown, Penang and Genting Highlands. However, not many people know that Malaysia is more than just these popular locations. In fact, you would be surprised to find several interesting attractions in the capitalRead More …

8 Best Places to Visit in Sabah

Mount Kinabalu

Want to discover a true gem of Borneo? Head towards the engaging yet undiscovered state, Sabah and find what awe-inspiring places you can’t miss. If you want to see most of the elements of Borneo in a shorter span, Sabah is the Malaysian state you should spend time at. ThisRead More …

Vacation in Malaysia with Kids: Places to Visit

Vacation in Malaysia with Kids

  Southeast Asia is one of the most popular places to visit for its beauty, the awesome culture and of course the food. If you are wondering which country would be the best to visit with your kids in Southeast Asia, Malaysia would be the answer.

Explore some fascinating facts which you did not know about Malaysia

Facts which you did not know about Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia which is full of surprises and contrasts. There are many things you did not know about Malaysia and one gains knowledge and insight as they come across informative articles or indulge in Malaysia travel.

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