How to avoid visa rejection of Malaysia?

Malaysia Visa Rejection Reasons

Malaysia has often attracted tourists from all over the globe. The wonderful destinations and breathtaking views of this place are definitely worth a watch. Moreover, the tourism facilities rendered by the Government of Malaysia have ensured that travelers are left with plenty on their plate when they come here on vacation or a business trip.

How to Avoid Malaysia Visa Rejection

An essential part of Malaysia travel planning is to ensure that the visa for the same is to be collected after taking care of all the rules and regulations. Owing to increased rates in trafficking and illegal immigration, it is now compulsory to follow the rules. Your Malaysia tours and travel guide ought to enlighten you regarding the formalities.

Your intent of visiting Malaysia may vary. You may visit Malaysia for a vacation or might have some business related concerns to address; a Malaysia visit visa or a business visa will be a compulsory requirement.

1.Malaysia Visa: Things to know

First and foremost, it is mandatory to check and confirm whether you belong to one of those countries which do not have to produce a pre visa before arrival on the Malaysian soil. Tourist from such countries are issued visa upon arrival.

It is also pertinent to note that if the traveler is traveling to a third country, when the arrival and departure is from the same terminus of the Malaysian airport; it is not required to get a visa at all. This is because; the traveler doesn’t enter into the land of Malaysia. It is however immensely important to know and follow the rules of issuing visa, else one could experience Malaysia visa rejection.

2.Malaysian Tourist Visa

Malaysia Tourist Visa is also known by the name of Visa Without Reference. This is issued to people for some specific purposes. It is granted by the Consulate General of Malaysia. The purpose of visit could be for multiple reasons. They are in the categories of tourist, social or business. Let’s list them serially.

  • A short term friendly visit to friends and relatives
  • A specific duration trip for tour of Malaysia
  • A specific tour for a short duration issued to journalists and reporters for assignment of work
  • Completion of games and competitions
  • A short duration for meetings, business seminars and business gatherings requires Malaysia Business Visa
  • In order to examine the probabilities of starting an enterprise or a venture
  • For the purpose of carrying out audit
  • Students’ examination

The second type of visa is Visa with Reference. It is issued by the Department of Immigration Malaysia or the Ministry of Home Affairs for purpose of work, social get together and visit; all conforming to a specified duration or more.

And the last category is the Transit without visa which is granted to tourists belonging only to the Indian Sub-continent for a short duration of only 5 days.

In order to avoid rejection of Malaysia visa, the following norms are essential to know and follow. Following these will ensure that your trouble related to visiting the consulate office repeatedly for obtaining a visa will be avoided.

3.Validity of Passport

The validity of the passport must be for a minimum of 90 days. However it is advised that the number of days need to be for a period of six months after arrival in Malaysia. The passport must also have blank visa pages. At least two to three blank pages must be available on your passport.


It’s highly essential that there must be adequate number of photographs for the visa. All the photographs must be of the mentioned standard size and each taken against a white background.


All the documents must be of the mentioned standard size, i.e A4. Original copies are also to be submitted along with Xerox copies of each of them. You are requested to first check the document required and get a set of these prepared well in advance before visiting the consulate office.


Tickets of departure on the assigned date are also to be furnished. This is to ensure that the stay is only for the mentioned visa period. If the first country is Singapore followed by Malaysia, the passenger must submit copy of Singapore visa first.

7.Financial Stability

Bank statements of the last three months are also to be furnished along with the other necessary documents during submission of form for visa.

8.Covering Letter

A covering letter bearing all the details of the business trip (if any), purpose of visit, itinerary etc. should be given. In case of business trip from the company, the covering letter must be written and stamped on the original company letter head.

9.Minor tourist

If the traveler is a minor, s/he must furnish NOC signed by both the parents along with their photographs to the visa officer.

Remember that you are intending to tour a country that is full of ravishing sights and some amazing food to taste. So all this means that you cannot engage in last minute hassles that include Malaysia visa rejections.

Following the above mentioned tips will ensure that the process of obtaining a Malaysian visa moves smoothly and you embark on the tour of this amazing land at your decided date and time.

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  1. I am from Pakistan and i am working in dubai
    I like to visit of Malaysia in my yearly vacation on this December
    For a week
    I wish to visit Malaysia

    1. Its great time to visit Malaysia in December. Definitely you will enjoy your journey. Waiting for your holiday experiences in Malaysia. Happy Journey.

  2. Hi. Im from philippines.and im here to dubai as a housewife. My husband from united arab emirates, my husband and i plan to visit malaysia.just wanna know if i need to get visa for malaysia? Only for 1 to 2weeks tour?

  3. Hi. Im from philippines.and im here to dubai as a housewife. My husband from united arab emirates, my husband and i plan to visit malaysia.just wanna know if i need to get visa for malaysia? Only for 1 to 2weeks tour? Wait for ur reply thanks

  4. Hi, This is Shaikh from Pakistan. I intend to travel to Malaysia and Singapore and Thailand afterwards. I want to apply for malaysian e visa. But I heard that authorities at the malaysian airport usually deport visitors and most of them are e visa holders thats why one must apply for proper sticker visa to Malaysian embassy. Is this correct that e visa holders face such issue at the airport. Kindly guide about this.

    1. Hello Mr.Shaikh. Thanks for the inquiry. Could you please share your contact no & email id? So that our visa experts will contact & explain you well.
      You can also contact on toll free no 80072962 or on Mob no 971 56 114 7879.

  5. Hello, I am from Kazakhstan and I wanna study in Malaysia. Although, I wanna get a visa for longer than 1 year.
    Is there any way it can be accomplished?

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